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Top Load Washers
Kenmore 500 Series Top Load Washer

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Worst washer ever made!


This is the worst washing machine ever made, doesn't clean your clothes, extremely long cycles, doesn't generate enough water to cover the clothes. Junk

Amarillo, Tx

Great Value for the money


The machine is great for all types of clothes, just don't put too many heavy items in at one time. Also if it going in a basement, make sure to place a drip pan under it or else the back will rust. I had my machine for at least 8 years now and it works great.

Baltimore, Md.


Terrible product


Super long cycles! Express cycle takes an hour. At times, clothes are sopping wet, have to run the drain & spin cycle multiple times. Does not clean clothes efficiently.

New Bedford, MA


Terrible washing machine will not buy another Kenmore.






Horrible washing machine. Doesn't utalize enough water, doesn't agitate aggressively enough and doesn't rinse well. Halfway through my very first load I opened the machine to find the clothes on top in the enter still dry...HALFWAY THROUGH THE CYCLE. I have to add a bucket or two of water to get enough water to actually clean the clothes. The machine is far too loud and it takes too long. Would NOT recommend this machine to a friend and I can understand why it's been discontinued.



HORRIBLE washer, total rip off


this product of energy efficient is a JOKE, clothes are so twisted and partially dry, detergent film on the clothes. the Company should be ashamed of themselves and give EVERYONE a refund, spent hundreds of dollars for a Very Poor Product , the old agitator washers are the BEST. Stuck with a useless machine, unless I want to pay hundreds more on top of what I already paid. DISGUSTED IN THE PRODUCT AND QUALITY

Riverside, CA


Regret my decision


Having this machine is like having the government do your laundry. And we all know how effective government interference is in our lives. You may THINK you have choices, but even the 'bulky bedding' cycle uses too little water to be really effective. The thing takes SO LONG to do one load, it's impossible to believe that it's "energy efficient". I use recommended amount of liquid HE detergent, but need two rinse cycles, thereby negating the water-saving feature. I wish I had my old center agitator washing machine back. At least I had real choices with that one. To top everything else off, the clothes are horribly wrinkled from the spin cycle, which is ultra efficient to remove water resulting in less dryer time. I don't believe the benefit outweighs the damage to clothing. I've had to iron things I never ironed before (there goes MORE electricity!). I have pant legs so twisted, it took a long time to get them apart before even putting them into the dryer. You may save money on less dryer time, but that electricity is not even close to being balanced because of the ultra-long running time of the washing machine and the need for TWO rinse cycles. Overall, I would not recommend this machine to my worst enemy. I will never buy one of these again and wish I knew how to 'break' it so hubby would have to buy a new one.

Pittsburgh, PA


I HATE this washer


I am 58 years old and I have never HATED a washing machine. I truly HATE this machine. It takes forever to cycle; leaves clothes dirty/dry; leaves major white spots on dark clothes and is very noisy. Makes me feel somewhat relieved just to write how much I hate it.



Good machine


I have one of these and it is great. It adjusts the amount of water based on what type of clothing is being washed. For me that is a plus. For some people, like my grandmother, it is a problem. I think if it can get the clothes clean with less water, that's great! (And it does get them clean with less water on several of the cycles, the exception being bulky/bedding cycle, which fills with water. My grandmother thinks if the machine isn't filling with water then there is no way the clothes will get cleaned properly. Even without completely soaking everything, it gets stuff clean if you follow their recommendations for what to put in each type of cycle. If you have a mixed load, set your machine to the heaviest cycle applicable to your load. If you try to wash bedding and jeans in the cycle designed for tshirts, you might have to rewash. As long as you follow their recommendations, your clothes will be cleaned well and efficiently.

Joplin, Missouri




It does not matter how big or small your load is, this washer takes OVER an hour to wash ONE LOAD OF LAUNDRY!!! Our 10 year old dryer is faster than this washing machine!! We failed to look up comments and reviews about this product before buying it. We were in a hurry (thought we were, because the old washer broke) & didn't take the time to look around. It does get clothes clean and I have washed a 'thin' king sized comforter with no problem -so it can take quite a load (I would not try that every day, however). This is our first HE washer. Crazy the minimal amount of water used per load -definitely saves water. So, if you pay for water you would save on your water bill, but you'd end up spending the difference in electricity -no doubt. If there is a way to shorten the cycle, I'd be happy to update my review. Thank you.

Fredericksburg, VA


Kenmore 500 Series Top Load Washer

2.5 37