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Kenmore 5.4 cu. ft. Freestanding Induction Range w/ True Convection - Stainless Steel


Kenmore Elite 5.4 cu. ft. Freestanding Induction - Power and Versatility

The Kenmore induction range 9510 is the best introduction to induction cooking if you're used to your sure and dependable gas or electric stove. With its speed, responsiveness, energy efficiency and easier clean ups, induction is today's most advanced cooking technology.

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Kenmore Elite Indction range is powerful and versatible


A confection range puts other stoves to shame. Even us non chefs can prepare a perfect meal and should we spill, clean up is so easy. Temperature Control This is the best of the best when it comes to a stove. I had to get used to making sure that I had the right size pot when cooking something. The burners have a a sensor that tailors the energy output to fit the pan or pot that you are using so it's important t use the correct size. Heat Distribution No more under heating - instead the heat is consistent Durability I have bought Kenmore appliance for years for quality, price and value. Design This is a great looking appliance in the kitchen and it's simple design makes me feel like I have a designer kitchen. The confection over combines a powerful fan with a heating element that surrounds the dish with even heat that helps bake and brown everything to perfection. Food cook quicker, and certainly more even. Ease of Cleaning I have never had a stove or oven that was so easy to clean. Their is no cracks or creases for food to fall down into on the burners so it just means a quick wipe and the oven offers a self clean features lets you choose the amount of time that yuo have the cleaning element on. This allows you to do a quick clean in case you are just needing a quick clean up.

Peoria, AZ




I have been so disappointed with this stove for many reasons. Stovetop takes a lot of work to keep clean, oven does not heat evenly, do not like positions of burners, oven and burners are slow to heat up (except turbo boil which is a good feature), clock does not display while oven is on - a very annoying oversightby designers. Temperature Control After four months I am still trying to decide if the oven runs a little hot. The chamber definitely down not keep an even temperature. Items near the back of the oven will burn before the front is cooked. If I bake cookies I must rotate the tray during going. Heat Distribution Oven has terrible heat distribution. Back is hotter than the front. Must rotate items during baking to keep one part from burning while the rest is still undone. Durability Have only had four months so can not really rate durability. Design Do not like positions of the burners. I use the smaller burners more and with items that need more attention like stirring. It is annoying that all the small burners are in the back. Anything that fall on the oven floor will smoke a lot. I never had that problem with previous stoves. Ease of Cleaning Stove top takes a lot of effort to fry to keep like new. Scratches has not bee a problem, not stuck on food. Howecer very hard to get all marks off stove top. Oven needs CONSTANT care. If anything gets on bottom of oven it will smoke!

Stanhope, NJ


Still deciding


I've had this stove for approximately 1 month. I'm still getting used to it. You have to push start when setting the oven temp and the timer. Sometimes I forget, since my old stove didn't need this. I've had my food in the oven cooking, when I realized that my timer didn't get set, because I didn't push start. This will just take some getting used to. I have also been trying out the convection oven and .....it's a little noisy...but so far not a big issue. I do like the glass top, as my other stove had this same feature. I like the burner with the double burners and I can pick what size I need. I recently baked cookies and according to the instructions, I can cook on 2 racks spaced a certain distance away. I didn't have luck with this, even using the convection setting. The cookies on top didn't seem to cook as well. Durability Only because I haven't had it long enough to rate Ease of Cleaning Same care for the glass top as my other stove was. I'm trying to be careful with cleaning the stainless steel, but so far no problems.



Kenmore 5.4 cu. ft. Freestanding Induction Range w/ True Convection - Stainless Steel

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