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Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range - Stainless Steel


Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range - Cooking Versatility

The Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. freestanding gas range 7403 features five individually controlled, sealed, electronic-ignition gas burners. With the Turbo Boil burner, you can bring any amount of liquid to a boil in no time flat. Pots and pans slide easily over the continuous, dishwasher-safe grates, while baking and roasting is easy with the spacious, self-cleaning oven. The warming feature is perfect for keeping dishes at just the right temperature to serve. Every meal is a pleasure to cook with the Kenmore 7413.

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Best Range I have Ever Owned!


I was finally updating my kitchen appliances. Of course I wanted the stainless steel appliances. And I wanted them to match. I chose the Kenmore appliances because it is a trusted name. My kitchen looks fantastic! This range looks so nice...so sleek looking. Looks great under my new matching microwave. I picked this one mainly for the price and how nice and large the front window was on the oven door. I can see so clearly everything that is cooking inside. The oven cooks my roast, casseroles and everything else so evenly. I am a baker...my breads, cookies, cakes, etc come out so goood! The burners on top are so easy to clean. If I am sauteeing onions, mushrooms, or my veggies...no over burning. It distributes the heat evenly, and food comes out so good. I am so glad I chose this oven! I haven't used the cleaning cycle yet, but I am sure it is fast and accurate. Love this, you will too!

Palm Springs, CA


A Basic But Durable Four-Burner Range And Oven Combo


When the stainless steel appliance craze was at its peak there were a lot of sets and individual pieces that you could get; this one from Kenmore is considered a basic model but there are some nice perks to it. I liked the look of it as well as the slightly recessed burners; if you have younger kids and are worried about them grabbing pots or pans to see what's inside them then the design of this one is a good pick. The burner indicators are sturdy and I had no need to replace the knobs. Ultimately this proved to be too small of a stove for me; I could cook a regular size dinner but it required a little bit of rearranging inside the oven if I would be making a turkey or ham plus other items. As far as cleaning goes, the outside stainless steel faceplate was easy to clean with a regular kitchen cleaner (without bleach). There are two racks inside the oven and both can be removed for cleaning. If you only need one rack or require a little more space for making a holiday meal you can remove the rack and store it next to the oven. Your personal experience with the range top is going to depend on your gas pressure and if you have this properly calibrated when it is installed. If you don't have it calibrated when it is installed you could end up with it throwing small pockets of air. That can be annoying when you are using the burners but for the oven it means that you could be getting incorrect temperature readings.

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Kenmore 5.0 cu. ft. Gas Range - Stainless Steel

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