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Kenmore 42800 Stainless Steel 31 in. Electric Cooktop

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I regret having bought this product. I could not use my existing pots and pans along with the cooktop because the bottoms rocked. So I needed to purchase a whole new set of compatible pots and pans. It is very hard to keep this top clean!! If I had to do it over again, I would not choos e this. It involved much more money invested than I had initially anticipated due to having to toss out all my reliable pots and pans in order to buy new ones which are compatible with the cook top. You know how hooked you become on your beloved set of reliable pots and pans? That is how I felt when I unexpectedly learned how incompatible my set was with my new cook top. More information should have been given to me, I feel, at the point of purchase by the sales person. I also want to expound further on the unsatsifactory surface of this cooktop in regards to scratches. The cooktop is very prone to scratching. I use my wok pan, and the underneath of it has left permanent scratch marks right on the circle part of the cooktop. No matter how hard I try to clean or scrub the scratch mark, it is resistant to anything I have tried.

Walnut Creek, CA


Works well.


I have had this unit in my home since purchasing it a year ago. The unit itself is five years old, and is working as well as ever. The burners all heat evenly, and I have not had any scourched pots, pans, utensils, or any other such thing. I bake and cook as a hobby, and with the great myriad of recepies I come across, I use a range of pots and pans from clay to ceramic and copper; every pan works well on this cook top. This is the first time working with a cooktop, in lieu of a traditional range, but so far has been great. All members of my family like it, including my in-laws on their seasonal visits. The cleanuyp is easy, with stovetop cleaner, and nothing generally sticks to the unit. I would purchase this unit again, if I had to do so! Temperature Control Cooks very evenly. Heat Distribution Works well. Durability Great! Design Clean. Ease of Cleaning Simple.



Kenmore 42800 Stainless Steel 31 in. Electric Cooktop

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