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Kenmore 4.6 cu. ft. Self-Clean Slide-In Electric Range w/ Deluxe Coil Elements - Black


Kenmore 4.6 cu. ft. Electric Slide-In Range - Convenience and Reliability

Enjoy the convenience of the self-cleaning oven with variable cleaning time and deluxe coil elements in this black Kenmore electric slide-in range 4252. Porcelain cooktop surface and lift-up cooktop provides easy clean up, while the oven control lockout and oven shut-off functions provide peace of mind. Electronic oven controls include oven control lockout, delay cook/clean and temperature recall.

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Impressively meeting all of your culinary needs.


All around this is a great stove. If you are looking for an electric stove you will never regret bringing this one home. What I love the most, being that it is an electric stove, is that it has coil elements and not just a ceramic cook-top. You can cook everything on this stove, plus it's self cleaning. Is there anything better than something that cleans itself? Temperature Control The coils deliver precise, even temperatures, allowing for perfect cooking. The controls are amazing easy to operate as well. I am a stay at home mom to three kids and a passion for cooking and I appreciate the heck out of this stove and it's reliability. Heat Distribution The heat distributes perfectly. I made thanksgiving dinner last year for my whole family. The year before I had a problem with the turkey not being cooked in places because the oven was not working very well. This year I put on our dining room table a beautiful, even, perfectly cooked turkey and had a really happy family. Both the oven and stove top work perfectly. Durability The thing that I love most about Kenmore is that it makes really reliable, durable products. They are truly built to last and in my busy family I need something that is going to work perfect, forever. Design Simple design, beautiful. Traditional electric coils in a modern looking stove. Ease of Cleaning It cleans itself! What can be better than that?! Truly, I hardly ever use this feature as I am pretty good about wiping up messes as they happen rather than waiting until later but it's still nice to have the option. The top is just as easy, it is porcelain and wipes right up.



Kenmore 4.6 cu. ft. Self-Clean Slide-In Electric Range w/ Deluxe Coil Elements - Black

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