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Kenmore 30" inch Electric Induction Cooktop 43820

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Kenmore Electric Induction Cooktop


I have really enjoyed my Kenmore Electric Induction Cooktop because it is very different from what I was previously accustomed to using. I have always had electric coils and never thought of using anything else. This cooktop is so easy to clean , just wipe with a sponge. But it is delicate so you have to be careful that you don't place any pots or pans down with force. I will never go back to electric coils. Temperature Control The cooktop has very easy to use controls. I like that when on it heats quickly and when you turn it down or off the cooling is very quick. Heat Distribution The cooktop heats very evenly. I had a problem with electric coils being too hot or not hot enough. I have been very pleased with the evenness of the heat distribution of this cooktop. I like that it only heats the pan so I feel very safe with cooking on this cooktop. Durability I have found that the cooktop is very durable but only if you are careful. You shouldn't slide or place your cooking pans down too hard, you could break or crack the cooktop. Design I really like the design. It is so different from what I have been used to using. I don't worry about getting burned or having to worry about little hands getting burned. It is a unique and good designed cooktop for me. Ease of Cleaning I am very pleased with how easy the cooktop is to clean. If something boils over, I just wipe it with a sponge.


Oxford, AL


Kenmore 30" inch Electric Induction Cooktop 43820

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