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Kenmore 30" Self-Clean Double Electric Wall Oven w/ Convection - White


Kenmore 30" Double Wall Oven - Consistent Baking

Delivering True Convection heating power, the white Kenmore 30" double wall oven 4953 makes it easy to produce thoroughly cooked meals every time. A fan and hidden third element in the ovens generate constant heat, eliminating temperature fluctuations that can affect cooking times. The 4.6 cu. ft. capacity allows you to easily accommodate multiple dishes, and the hidden heating element makes cleanup simple and hassle-free. As an added safety feature, the 30" double wall oven offers a lockout feature, preventing unintended door openings from ruining your delicate soufflés, juicy pork roasts, and perfectly browned casseroles.

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Good product


I needed to replace the oven in a rental unit and this Kenmore 30 inch self clean oven was the appliance that I selected. I prefer to have a gas oven, but the rental only accommodates electric and so the search began for an appropriate appliance. This model has been in the rental for only a few months, however, I have been very happy with how well received it has been by the tenant. From my perspective, as a landlord, it immediately has several desirable features. Firstly, it size fit exactly into the space in the kitchen, no adjustment to cabinetry was necessary. Several of the other options I considered would have required realignment, so this was a plus for this model. Secondly, I have seen the unit since it has been placed into service and the self cleaning feature has been working very well. This is important , as I have not always had luck with the condition that the range is in when tenants vacate, particularly the condition of the oven. With this unit, that worry will likely go away. Lastly, my tenant raves about the unit's performance. A happy tenant makes me very happy! So, I can say that I feel very pleased that I selected this model.

Sacramento, CA


Worth buying


My company owns a wide range of products from Kenmore of which this Kenmore 30" Self-Clean Double Electric Wall Oven w/ Convection - White is a product I use often along with the microwave. I and my office colleagues recently tried bake a cake in this oven for our boss's birthday and it took about an hour for the chocolate cake to be bakes in this product. I was instructed on how to use the product by the employee and even though it was my first time, I found it very easy to use and the features were quite similar to the product I use at home. The best thing about this product is that the fan does not make any noise. The cake bakes pretty fast and came out hot and tasty. The oven did not get stained and there was no batter that got spread inside the oven while baking and I just had to clean the interior with a dry cloth and I was done. The product has been owned by my company for quite long and there has been no problems since then. It cooks evenly and quietly. I plan to replace my product and get a new Kenmore oven soon as the price is quiet reasonable.



Kenmore 30" Self-Clean Double Electric Wall Oven w/ Convection - White

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