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Kenmore 30 Inch Microhood Combination

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great microwave


this is a good microwave for anyone to use. it is big enough to hold almost anything and cooks very quickly and evenly. there is a removable rack inside that is helpful while cooking things as well and has a rotating glass inside. Performance i have never had a problem getting food warm all the way through while using this microwave Settings/Features this microwave has a lot of different settings but not so many as to confuse someone Ease of Cleaning big open inside with the removable rack make cleaning the microwave very easy Ease of Use everything is very simple to find and easy to use all you do is press buttons, anyone should be able to use it quite easily Durability i have had this for almost 5 yrs now and have never had a problem with it. it still works just as good as when it was new Design very nice sleek design. i have the black and stainless which matches the rest of my kitchen appliances. the only thing is it is a little bulky but since it is fit into the wall it doesn't really take up much extra space

Tallahassee, FL


Love Kenmore


Our microwave finally went out. It was a under the hood type, and we wanted to get the same type again, due to limited counter space. We wanted to get another Kenmore, because the last one lasted such a long time. I would just be cheaper to replace the whole unit, then to just repair it. I do not understand that, but oh well. I like the large capacity it has, but it keeps it sleek look, and size.Reheats food very quickly, and the sensor just works wonders. It has a really good fan, but the light could be a little bit better. The color of the microwave matches the stove we have, and it goes well with the whole kitchen. So far in the few months we have owned it, it has worked great, even the children like how it heats their snacks quickly.

Sacramento, CA


This microwave does amazing things!


We bought this when we were shopping for appliances when we remodeled our kitchen. I love freeing up the counter space. Hubby and I argued a little bit over whether we really needed the model with the sensor. I am so glad that we decided to go with it. It is just miraculous how it "knows" when food is cooked to perfection. There are a lot of foods that I did not like "nuked" but this microwave does a great job even on things I used to hate cooked in a microwave. This model comes with a removable rack which we imagined using on a daily basis, truthfully it sits in a closet, oh well. This model has a 5 speed fan which is great, very flexible for your specific needs. It is 1100 watts and has a 1.7 cubic feet capacity.It does a great job at defrosting, our other microwaves always started cooking the food way before it was any where near defrosted. We would reccoment this to anyone and everyone. It truly is the best microwave we have ever had.

Wellsville, PA


Kenmore 30 Inch Microhood Combination

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