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Kenmore 2666814 Dryer

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Very reliable, quiet, and drys large loads! Great product


This is a great unit! It works great but isn't very eye appealing. So close your eyes! lol Its only used to dry clothes and that score is an A++ Its very reasonably priced. Very quiet. We have a crazy dog who barked at our old dryer. This one he could sleep right next to and not wake up. It dries medium loads within 35-40 minutes. It comes in three different colors, red, white, black and industrial. We chose the white. I'de like to note that my husband is a diesel mechanic. He comes home black as tar on a daily basis from work. He gets all differnt sorts of oils and fluids on his clothes not to mention about a pound of grease!! The dryer holds up well with out any problems. We've had it two years now and have never had to have had it serviced although kenmore offered a very tasteful warranty program for this machine. We only took the year for free with purchase. We haven't had any trouble with it though. We have a family of five with two teenager's and an 8 year old. Its been holding up great to my daily washing extravagganza's lol. We love this unit and sometime in time in the near future i'm hoping they will produce washer to match it because that is next on my list! Enjoy this great machine, i completely suggest using it.




Kenmore 2666814 Dryer

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