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Kenmore 24932 \ 24934 Top Load Washer

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The new Kenmore washer doesn't clean as well as the older models


I recently had to purchase a new washer due to my older one finally giving out on me.I've always used Kenmore washers and dryers as long as I can remember.Obviously I've been very pleased with their washing and drying because I've always chosen that brand over all the other possible brands to choose from.But this last one that I most recently bought I'm not very pleased with whatsoever.They have apparently tried doing several different types of changes.Apparently they consider them to be upgrades,but they're horrible changes that have totally prevented the washer to do function as well as it can and used to do.The newer model washers don't have agitators that allow them to actually move the dirty clothes around sufficiently and get them cleaned.The washers now are just barely moving the dirty clothes from sid to side slowly and it just doesn't get them near as clean as the older model washers did that actually had agitators In them to assist in the cleaning of the clothes.I unfortunately didn't have any other options though due to the fact that each and every new model washer is now made the same and none of them have agitators in them anymore.I can't understand why they would make such a horrible change like that whenever it seems to me like it would be very obvious that that was a huge reason that helped clothing get cleaned and washed thoroughly and properly.



kenmore topload washer


I got this washer at a fairly decent price at our hometown sears to replace an older model. We needed a simple washer with a few settings, nothing too over the top. And let me tell you, this delivers!! Plenty of awesome settings and cleans very well.



Don't be fooled by its size!


I would love to give our washer higher marks, but sadly, I can only give it a satisfactory. The only reason, is because while it is rather big, if you fully load it, no matter how little/much soap, you will get soap residue on your clothes. If you keep the load to just where the top of the drum is, your clothes are fine - residue free. Other than it, it is a great washer. Energy Efficiency Doesn't soak up a lot of energy; definitely EE! Cleaning Time A normal load with second rinse and extra spin takes approximately 50 minutes. Performance See overall rating up higher concerning soap residue. Ease of Use So easy to opperate. Design Very nice looking for a washer; we have it in grey. Durability Nine years and ticking.

Ladera Ranch, CA


Kenmore 24932 \ 24934 Top Load Washer

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