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Kenmore 24" TurboZone Built-In Dishwasher

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Amazing Dishwasher!


I upgraded from a bottom end dishwasher and wow is there a huge difference. I no longer need to prewash, even the knives I used for peanut butter come out spotless. It is quiet enough that i don't have to turn up the TV and even forget it is running. I haven't tried the turbozone yet since it does a great job cleaning off everything. Noise Level The water drainage is the loudest part of the cycle. During the normal wash cycle it is quiet enough that you forget about it. A conversation next to it is easy without anyone raising their voice. TV volume can remain the same. Cleaning Time It seems about normal for a dishwasher. I usually run it before going to bed. Loading Flexibility The top rack will lower or raise to allow more room for tall pots or tall glasses. The back tines on the bottom rack will fold down or tilt to angle dirty dishes towards the turbozone jets. Performance Excellent performance! I've tested out varying levels of stuck on foods and the dishwasher has cleaned them all. Peanut butter and dried soup are no match for this. Design The hidden controls make for a sleek look! Durability It seems to be built very well.



Kenmore 24" TurboZone Built-In Dishwasher

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