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Kenmore 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ PowerWave™ Spray Arm - Stainless Steel


Kenmore 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ PowerWave™ Spray Arm - Cleans From Every Direction

The 24 in. Kenmore built-in dishwasher 1354 features the PowerWave™ Spray Arm that gets dishes clean from every direction, with sequential jets that sweep dishes from not just one but two sides for 80% more coverage.* Plus, no one cleans better,** thanks to the energy-efficient Ultra Wash® HE Wash System. This dishwasher also includes a Time Remaining Display that provides you with valuable information about cycle status, as well as the amount of time left in your cycle, so you’ll know exactly when your dishes will be clean, dry and ready to use. And, it operates at just 50 dBA, so you can chit chat without interruption while your dishes are getting clean.

*Compared to a traditional lower spray arm (based on 468 to 854 sq cm).
**Among leading brands with stainless steel tub.

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disappointed with drying cycle


after more then 2 hr. cycle my dishes and silverware still aren't dried, I find I have to hand dry most of it and that's without emptying it for 24 hr. I was told since its Eco friendly it uses less power so the items don't fully dry. I wish I would have got the one with a dial instead of the buttons then I could do just a drying cycle again like my older one. This one doesn't have a separate dry cycle. Noise Level it is very quiet though, Sometimes I don't even remember it's on. Cleaning Time Cycles are way to long, Makes me think how could this be energy efficient .! There is a 1 hr cycle but the drying time is worst they're soaking wet when done. Loading Flexibility Loads just as much as my old one , easy loading , I like the drop top basket for taller items. Performance Cleans very well. Design I like the clean lines. buttons on the inside, and the name kenmore is on the top inside. The bottom panel that covers the motor is made of plastic which I was surprised because my last Kenmore with dial and push buttons had a metal panel, The filter is manual cleaning I rinse my dishes before I load it. my last one had an automatic filter clean, It lasted 16 yrs, I hope this one last just as long. :) Durability I had to give it a score. I really don't know what score to give it at this time , I've only had it a few months , and use it once a week, but so far so good.

Medford, NY


Kenmore 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ PowerWave™ Spray Arm - Stainless Steel

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