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Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser


The Kenmore 51812 33-inch wide side-by-side refrigerator is loaded with style, convenience and freshness features like Multi Air Flow Technology and the NSF-certified* water filtration system. The interior and exterior styling has been enhanced making it an attractive choice for the kitchen.

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Will never buy a Kenmore appliance again!


The refrigerator that we purchased was noisy and the ice maker quit completely within a year. Now that I have a new refrigerator I realized it never did a good job keeping my fresh fruits and veggies fresh for very long. My fresh produce would go bad, even with the temperature control settings adjusted several times to make sure that it wasn't 'user error,' within a few days. The unit died without warning. It didn't last half as long as our previous refrigerator. Very disappointing! Noise Level When the ice maker worked, it was very noisy and the motor cooling cycle was could be heard from the next room. Not loud but definitely noticeable. Interior Organization A side by side is very difficult to organize and I could never see things on the back of the shelves unless I removed everything from the shelf. Not convenient. Temperature Control Fresh produce did not last more than a few days, like four or five, no matter what it was or how I tried to adjust the climate control on the produce drawers. Ease of Cleaning Everything had to be removed from every shelf to clean properly. Produce drawers/bins were very cumbersome and difficult to remove and clean. Durability This appliance did not last half as long as the appliance we had previously. (Different brand). The ice maker quit out of nowhere as soon as the warranty was up and then was never fixed even when we brought in a repairman. Design Looked nice and I thought it would work well for our family with the ice maker and water on the door. But it did not turn out to be a good design for our family's needs.

Littleton, CO


Gets the Job Done!


This is a great refrigerator for the money! My husband and I purchased this Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator with dispenser this summer and I am very pleased with it. There is plenty of storing space on both sides of the unit. The refrigerator portion of it has many shelves that are great and can be moved around. I find it really comes in handy when I am keeping taller items cool like wine or soda bottles. The ice and water dispenser is just wonderful (although we did need to have a professional repair man come in and connect it to our pipeline to use the fresh water tap). The freezer also has plenty of storage room and I can easily cram lots of food inside of! Cleaning the refrigerator is a breeze since the shelves are all removable. Noise Level For the most part it is not noisy. Interior Organization Very well organized design with removable shelves. Temperature Control Temperature control is cold and accurate. Durability I have never experienced any issues with the fridge. It does a great job keeping food at a nice temperature on both sides of the unit. We have owned it less than a year now and so far so good. Design This refrigerator is designed very well and I love the ice and water dispenser feature on the freezer.



Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser

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