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Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser


The Kenmore 51813 33-inch wide side-by-side refrigerator is loaded with style, convenience and freshness features like Multi Air Flow Technology and the NSF-certified* water filtration system. The interior and exterior styling has been enhanced making it an attractive choice for the kitchen.

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I love it and would buy it again


Easy to access my food with plenty of shelves

Houston, Texas


Great product


First of all I have to say I am partial to Kenmore products and that I have not yet been let down by any of their products. I recently purchased and do own this wonderful Kenmore 22 Cubic Foot Capacity Side By Side Refrigerator with Dispenser and I am so glad that I did. This refrigerator is amazing and the first thing I like is that I am able to get filter water and filtered ice out of the door dispenser and that is great. I always have clean water and clean ice which makes all of my drinks better. I love that this product has a lot of room in the refrigerator because I do require a lot of room. It has a vegetable drawer and another drawer I use to put my bread in. It also has very durable door shelves which I use to put sauces and stuff in. The freezer always keeps everything frozen and does not cause my meat and stuff to get freezer burn. This helps me to keep stuff good longer. The price of this Kenmore refrigerator is pretty expensive but well worth it to me. It is very durable and so far has withstood everything I have put it through. I do, of course, have to mention that I love the fancy design. It looks very nice with a stainless steel finish. Very up to date. I do recommend this refrigerator to anyone who can afford it and is looking for one. It is easy to clean as it just wipes clean. The filter usually last about three months then I change it.



Reliable refrigerator


This kenmore side by side refrigerator has been pretty reliable. It replaced a very old, probably over 15 year old, refrigerator that we had, and I hope that this one will last just as long. So far, there have not been any problems. The refrigerator is a good size with enough space for a family of four. The features of this refrigerator are pretty standard. One half is a refrigerator, one half is the freezer. The refrigerator has nice clear glass pull out shelves. A special feature that I like is that there is a special milk area on the door that keeps the milk cooler than a regular shelf. This is a neat feature that I really enjoy. First of all, it makes the milk very easy to access and this is important because it is something that I use on a daily basis, especially in the morning, when I don't want to be digging around inside my fridge. The refrigerator also has a water filter that is easy to replace at the top right corner of the unit. I change this once a year and it provides good cold water on the dispenser side. The ice is fine too, although sometimes it smells fishy

San Diego, CA


Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser

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