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Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser


The Kenmore 51819 33-inch wide side-by-side refrigerator is loaded with style, convenience and freshness features like Multi Air Flow Technology and the NSF-certified* water filtration system. The interior and exterior styling has been enhanced making it an attractive choice for the kitchen.

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Good double door fridge with water and ice dispencer


Plenty of room for my food and drinks. Adjustable shelves and several drawers in fridge and one in freezer. Easily adjustable temps. Easy to change water filter. Has water filter color changing light gauge. Noise Level Never hear fridge run but do hear ice drop. Seems ice dispenser is a little louder than others but works great Interior Organization Several adjustable selves. Several drawers including one in freezer. Covered egg crisper at top of door. Adjustable vents on fruit and vegetable drawers. Temperature Control Easy to adjust temps. Only downside is the vent between fridge and freezer is on the shelf above crisper and stuff freezes within 5" of vent. Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean with the smooth paint outside and the slick plastic and tempered glass interior. Removable tray at dispenser for drips and thawed ice. Durability Buttons of dispenser seam cheap but no issue with them yet. Fileted is easy to change. Not had any scratches or dents. Design No complaint. Buttons on dispenser seem cheap but no issues as of yet. Ice dispenser is simple to remove to dump or clean. Draws and she's are easy to adjust or remove. No complaints. Dispenser could be a little taller. My tall glasses don't fit.



This fridge has been a great addition to our kitchen.


My old refrigerator was getting to be too old to really meet my needs. It was starting to rust, beginning to make funny noises, and I felt like I was being inconvenienced with it because it had started to leak. I finally gave up on trying to keep it and bought a new one. This fridge has been great for us. It has tons of shelving space, storage drawers, crisper drawers, a side freezer, and it even dispenses clean, cold water and ice. Noise Level My old refrigerator was starting to sound like a jet engine. This one purrs like a kitchen the few times we can actually hear it running. For the most part, it doesn't make much noise at all. Occasionally I will here it "kick on" but it's a quiet hum and isn't bothersome. Interior Organization This thing has a spot for everything. I was so happy to have such a large space with so many storage options. It has a shelf for cans, a shelf for milk, a place for eggs, a place for butter, drawers for cheese, a drawer for crisping veggies, or you can put what ever you like where ever you like. Temperature Control The temperature control can be set for the water and ice maker, the freezer, and the refrigerator portions. My only complaint is that the main top shelf closest to the freezer side, occasionally gets so cold that ice forms in my sour cream or milk. Ease of Cleaning There are so many spaces in this that it's tedious to clean, however, with that being said it is also easy to clean because all of the shelves and racks come out of the fridge. Durability This fridge is holding up great so far. The only reason I don't give it a 10 is because it dings and scratches easily and I have kids and pets in my house so I need it to be sturdy. It doesn't cave in with a little bump, but I notice it smudges and dings up easily. Design It has a great design. I can use the side freezer, the fridge, organize everything imaginable inside, and it has a water and ice maker. It's been great upgrading.



Kenmore 22 cu.ft. Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Dispenser

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