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Kenmore 18" Built-In Dishwasher - Black


Kenmore 18" Built-In Dishwasher - Compact Cleaning

Sleek and compact in design, the Kenmore 18" built-in dishwasher 1466 fits more cleaning power into a smaller space. This innovative built-in unit offers 6 cycle options to better deliver the cleaning you need. Economy settings allow you to save water on each load, while the China/Gentle cycle is made for your most delicate glassware and fine China. The slim, 18" design accommodates up to 8 full place settings and is perfect for getting the job done. The QuietGuard Deluxe Sound Package makes sure you're never disturbed as your dishes get sparkling clean.

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Worst built in Ive had.


Kenmore is a brand that I love. I have currently and have had in the past many Kenmore products. However this one just didn't stand up to the others products that I have used. I bought this Kenmore built in unit in a house I lived in. At the time I thought I wouldn't have any problems because it was a Kenmore product, but something about I wasn't made as well. The buttons were hard to push and almost immediately after I begin using it after it was installed they began giving me issues. I would have to push each button over and over and over just to get it to do what I wanted/ needed it to so. I also found the shelves inside the dishwasher to be not as sturdy as I have come to expect from the dishwasher. They rolled awkwardly and just didn't seem right. It did have a few positives that slightly redeemed it. It washed quietly, which is a good thing and also something familiar about this and other Kenmore dishwashers that I have used. It also didn't scratch easily. So that was a nice plus. These would of made me happier if the other things were in better order. It also had plenty of space in side of it, so it had that going for it. I wouldn't recommend this dishwasher.



Average unit


I recently stayed with my father for a couple of months while he recovered from surgery. He didn't have a working dishwasher before I got there. I had someone come out an create a space for a small dishwasher in his kitchen. He didn't have a lot of space, so this unit was just right for him. It works okay. It isn't fancy, but I didn't pay a lot for it. It suites his bachelor life just fine. Noise Level It is much louder than mine at home, but he is almost deaf, so he doesn't mind. It isn't crazy loud, but a little louder than most new units. Cleaning Time It takes a while, but again, this unit wasn't very expensive. Loading Flexibility This unit is fine. It serves it purpose. My father only has a few plates, glasses & pans, so the unit is fine for his needs. Performance As long as the food isn't dried on, the unit gets the dishes clean. Design It is a simple design, that went well in my father's small galley kitchen. Durability I can't see having this unit for a very long time. It works and it will last a few years.



Kenmore 18" Built-In Dishwasher - Black

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