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Kenmore 14Pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set


Stainless Steel Cookware Shines in the Kitchen

Kenmore 14Pc stainless steel cookware set is a complete pairing of pots and pans, built to keep you cooking. Beautiful and functional, this stainless steel set combines the rugged durability of professional cookware with the elegant appeal that every kitchen could use. Crafted to move seamlessly from baking souffles in the morning, to warming soup at lunch and frying fish at night, this set brings you dependable service and sterling versatility.

This stainless steel cookware set is equipped with flared edge sauce pans that make transferring broths, sauces and soups easy. Silicone stay-cool handles not only cushion and protect your grip from burns, but allow you to use the pans in ovens up to 400 degrees. Stainless steel stands up to demanding kitchens, while the wide range of pots and pans ensure no matter what you're cooking, Kenmore can help. Solid cookware at a great price, add this set to your kitchen and bring fantastic flavor home.

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Love this cookware set


This cookware set was purchased by me from an online shopping portal website. I received the product for a discount of $20 which was a great deal for me. I love the stainless steel vessels and the entire set is made up of pure steel but it does not have a non stick coating. The best thing about using stainless steel sauce pans is that it is very easy to wash after use and the remains of the food do not stick to the material and hence the stains can be washed away without much effort. The food served in the sauce pans had an excellent taste and it remained hot till it was served. Whether I needed to heat soup or any vegetable, the sauce pans did not bear the smell of the food after being washed. The handle doesn't feel hot while serving food and hence I do not need to hold it with a cloth. I have ordered another cookware set as a gift for my cousin as it will be the best gift I could think of.



Kenmore 14Pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set

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