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Kenmore 135101 2-Slice Toaster

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Great when it worked but not meant to last


I have had this toaster for 8 months, it worked great for 7 but now only one side still toasts. Apparently the mechanism that you push down to make it toast has broken on the left side. So now I have a very large 2 slice toaster. We do use this almost every day and I got a great deal on it on black Friday but I really do wish it had held up longer than it did. It tosts well and I love the bagel setting that toasts the top of the bagel. I have considered buying another one and seeing if it breaking was just a fluke because it really was a great product until it broke. Safety I really dont have safety issues I worry about as my small children are gated out of our kitchen and the toaster is too high for them to reach. Ease of Cleaning Simple cleaning allows you to remove debris from the bottom and just dump into sink or garbage can. Durability Left side of toaster broke after 7 months, mechanism that locks down to toast will no longer go all the way down. Design I love the way it looks in my kitchen, it fits well with our stainless/black countertop appliances.




Great Toaster!


This is a great toaster. From my experience many burn the toast and no matter how hard you try you can't get the setting right. This toaster is great. I never have a problem. I love that it is a 4 slicer which makes toasting much quicker for our family. There is also a defrost setting which is used when toasting a frozen item. I use this when toasting frozen waffles and it works great. Many settings from light to dark which is nice since the kids like their toast at a different setting than us. Toasting Evenness Toasts very evenly. No burning. Safety No safety concerns. Ease of Cleaning Not that easy to clean. That's the only draw back. Durability This toaster seems very durable. Design Great design and I love how it looks.


Buffalo, MN


Kenmore 135101 2-Slice Toaster

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