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Kenmore 13,000 BTU Multi-Room Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner

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Kenmore Multi-Room Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner


This is an absolutely amazing air conditioner. It works so well. It will not only keep one room cool, but it will keep the entire house cool. It is a very powerful air conditioner that can get it as cold as you like or at a warmer temperature if you prefer. The climate control keeps it at whatever temperature you want and this thing does an excellent job of keeping the whole house cool during a really hot summer. I love this air conditioner and am amazed at how powerful and efficient it really is. It also has an automatic timer on it so you can have it shut off whenever you want so it doesn't use too much energy. An+yone who needs a good air conditioner to keep their house or just a big room nice and cool, this is the one for you. .


Norwalk, CA


A life saver!


As a current resident of Stockton, California, an air conditioner is truly a life saver. We own a Kenmore and it has proven to be our best friend. during the summer we reach tempatures of 110 degrees. Which is burning hot, we set our Kenmore to approximately 77 degrees to cool our house down. Lately during the night the tempature cools down dramatically. We set our Kenmore air conditioner on a timer, because you know how it is. Turn it on and forget about it. So the features this machine offers are impecable. The only thing is remembering to change the setting during the winter. Being that our house is mostly linoleum, which is a conductor for whatever tempature it is outside. We have to have an air conditioner. Kenmore air conditioner is a great product. I have had no problems with my unit other than having to change my own air filter. If there was an automatic filter changer "free of charge." That would make this product above greatness.


Stockton, CA


Kenmore 13,000 BTU Multi-Room Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioner

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