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Kenmore 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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A Good Brand


This coffeemaker was gifted to me by my friend for my birthday as I am a coffee addict and lover and so this was my best gift I could ever receive. I have been using it for over 2 years and it has been working fine but it has been for a repair once as it had stopped working after about 8 months of using it. I own another coffee maker of another brand and use the other one if I face any problem with this product as the product often does not heat up else there is no major problem I face using it. The coffee maker comes with a five years warranty and so it is really worth its price as the product is completely secured with this warranty. I have been using this product twice a day for all the days of the week and I often require to set up the speed so that the coffee is ground well. I hope it works for another few months without giving any problem and I'll buy another product of the same brand as I love the coffee made with this product.



Kenmore forever


If you want a good working coffee pot with hot coffee, a time and automatic shut off, this is the pot for you. you just cannot go wrong with a kenmore product. Plus it came in red, which matches my kitchen! Brew Performance best tasting coffee we have brewed at home in a very long time Ease of Use even a 22 yr old can make coffee Design easy to understand and a sleek design

River Grove, IL


Kenmore 12 Cup Coffeemaker - a pot that doesn't drip!!!!


Finally!!! A coffeemaker that is fast, has a good filter and when you pour a cup of coffee, you don't end up with spots all over your counter and floor.  This coffee maker takes less than 10 minutes to brew 12 cups.  It has a automatic shut-off, which is great when I forget to turn it off when I leave the house.  No more burnt pots.  I love the cone filter and the water filter both.  There isn't anything that I see as a down size to this coffee maker.  Even the price is comparable to all other coffee-makers.

Payette, ID


user friendly, and works fast


Our family has gone through literally 3 coffee makers this year! When I mentioned to my Daughter that we could use a new one, she bought us one for Christmas! Wow it looks great, and It works fast, with not too many features to work, I find to be just the right size for our counter, and the 12 cup feature is great, due to our familys intake of coffee! It keeps the coffee nice and hot, and I dont have to worry about leaving it on, as I run out of the door for work ! Then theres the name "Kenmore" I have had wonderful luck with their products, My washing machine and dryer, are around 25 years old, and stilll operating perfectly! So the name means alot to me,. My other coffee makers were not gaurenteed as long, and the heating element went out on both of them within 6 months! Im really pleased with my Kenmore Coffeee Maker, and would recomment it to anyone!

Akron, OH


Kenmore 12-Cup Coffeemaker

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