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Kenmore 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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I live in a mobile home and these are the only size units that will fit into the space cut into the wall, so I have been buying these same air conditioners. I know it sounds un believeable but between my sister and myself we have bought 8 of these units. None of these units have lasted even a year and a half.. i am just going to have a carpenter cut a hole bigger in the wall. They cool really well when you first get them butt they don't last at all. I have bought other Kenmore products and they have been ok but not this one. STAY AWAY

key west fl


kenmore 12000 btu air conditioner


my husband and i live in a old house that did not have central heat and air,the kenmore 12000btu air conditioner 253.70121 is what we used and it was excellant this is a 3 bedroom house and it kept it cool but not tooo cold at night it was colder ,it also was set so it would go off and on at times.it was also energy sufficient,you can pull the sides to match your windows to close them in .i also keep it in the bedroom with us now that we have central heat to keep it cooler .it is not too big i can put it in the window by myself.if you have not had one and you are going to buy one plese get a kenmore 12000 btu air conditioner 253.70121 .it is your best buy .we love ours and wont do without it.

Checotah, OK


Kenmore 12000BUT Air Conditioner really can more some air


My husband and I live in an older house that does not have central air conditioning and we also live in an area that gets well over 100 sometimes in the summers. We have a four bedroom 1700 square foot house that gets rather hot in the summer time, so the first summer we lived here we realized that we had to do something to keep the house cool. So we shopped around and ended up buying this Kenmore air conditioner. We needed something that could handle two of the larger rooms in our house. We've have been able to survive the nasty hot summer because of this airconditioner. It was able to keep our 20x20 living room, kitchen and our front family room 20x15 cool, with the helps of our ceiling fans as well. I was very happy with this air conditioner overall. The only reason I didn't give this a five star was because it is a little bit on the noisy side and when watching TV we always have to turn up the volume. But other than that it works very well.

Lakeside, CA


Kenmore 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner

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