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Kenmore 10 pc. Stainless Steel with Copper Band Cookware Set


Beginner or Pro, the Stainless Steel Cookware Set Has You Covered In the Kitchen

Cook like a chef with the Kenmore 10 pc stainless steel cookware set complete with polished copper bands. Seasoned gourmets will love the triple thick surface consisting of stainless steel and copper bands that not only ensure maximum cooking performance, but also add a dash of zing to their culinary skills.

This all clad stainless steel cookware set has the look and functionality of high priced set without a daunting price tag. The highly heat conducive surfaces are mirror polished and don’t react with food so you get the authentic flavors. And since the cooking set consists of a variety of pots and pans in various sizes, you can cover a repertoire of mouth watering dishes for occasions ranging from intimate to family size. Hone your culinary skills with this stylish-looking set from Kenmore.

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The 10 piece Kenmore stainless steel Copper band Cookware set was a great addition to our kitchen. We were in critical need of some new cookware and when we found these we really liked them and wanted to give them a try. So far so good! They are quick to heat up and easy to clean. Nice size variety and easy to use for pretty much anything you would like to cook stovetop. They seem like they are good quality and will last a long time, which was something else we were interested in. Kenmore has great quality in other products they provide so we decided to give them a try. Recommend to anyone who is looking into new cookware. They are attractive, convenient, simple and classic. Pretty much anything you need.


Minneapolis, MN


It's a perfect product


I was gifted this Kenmore 10 pieces Stainless Steel with Copper Band Cookware Set for my wedding anniversary and it was one of the best gifts I had received. I already own another Kenmore set but this was quite different than the earlier set. The set looks classy and amazing as it has a copper finishing. When I serve my family food in the vessels, they just love it as the food remains hot and fresh and the vessels don't feel hot while carrying it. The best part about this set and the steel finishing of the pans is that the metal doesn't react with the food and hence the food tastes better. The set is made of a very good quality and it is easy to clean.The lids are air tight and strong which makes the food cook easily and faster than normal. The handles as well don't get heated up while cooking the food which makes cooking food fun. Each piece of the set has its own use and it makes up a perfect cooking set.



Kenmore 10 pc. Stainless Steel with Copper Band Cookware Set

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