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Kenmore 10-Cup Food Processor

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Works but clunky


I received this as a wedding gift. I had done my research and registered for a different one but decided this should be good. It works well. It quickly chops up anything I've put in it. No complaints on the power/chopping work of this processor. The problem? It is in the design. First, it is turned on with a knob. A knob that does not lock in place. So it must constantly be held. No multitasking while using this. Second, assembly is difficult. It seems to be made of cheap plastic. It is difficult to get the bowl on the base. Then the top on the bowl is another challenge. It clicks but is very hard to assemble. A green light comes on when assembled correctly so it can power on - it can take a few tries to get that to come on. Taking it apart is another challenge. Untwisting the lid always makes me think it's going to snap apart. The plastic seems flimsier than I would expect. This has held up for 5 years, but probably only because I hardly use it. I would love to use it more, but it is just not easy enough to assemble and use. I recommend getting one made of sturdier plastic with a power button instead of the knob. And make sure it is easy to assemble/disassemble as the lid is taken off several times during processing.

Galloway, OH


Never worked!!


My husband and I received this as a wedding gift, but never really had the chance to use it. We have no children and I was working and in grad school so I didn't cook much and if I needed something chopped, I either did it by hand or used my Bullet. Tonight I really wanted to make Hummus and was excited to finally get to use my food processor, which has been safe and sound under the counter for a couple of years. I found it easy to assemble and everything snapped into place fine. The correct lights came on, which according to the manual meant the product was ready to go, but when I turned it on, the motor whirred, but the blades will not rotate. I looked online, and apparently this has happened to a number of other people with this same product. I received this as a gift and didn't get to use it one single time. It is of course now out of the 2 year warranty, and it really is my fault for not trying it out previously to make sure it worked. From my experience here, I will not purchase another Kenmore Food Processor to replace this one. I'm so disappointed that this item never worked, as my grandmother splurged to get it for us as a wedding gift. Hopefully no one else will have this issue, but I wanted to write this review to let people know it happened to me and if you do a search for the product reviews on other sites, you will find this happened to others as well.

Calera, AL


Kenmore Food Processor...powerhouse on a budget!


I have owned the Kenmore Food Processor for about 3 months.  My husband actually got it at a sale and brought it home.  At that time, I had another food processor that I have owned for about 2 years.  Decided to check this Kenmore Food Processor out and see how it compares to my Cuisinart...and I was plesantly surprised.  The Kenmore is easier to assemble and lock it for it to run.  It cleans well, slices/shreds well.  It does have a on button and a pulse button that allows you to choose how much processing you need.  The only thing I did not love is that the fact that the bowl handle feels a bit flimsy. I have used this product 20 plus times in the last 3 months, no problem at all!  I would recommend this item, it is reasonably priced and Kenmore does stand behind their products, satisfaction guaranteed!  It probably comes in colors to match kitchen decor also.  Mine is just the basic black though. 

Newland, NC


So Far, Satisfied


Don't believe other reviews that say it's hard to attach and de-attach. It's sturdy, that's all...the pieces adjoin together sturdily. They also fit together counter-clockwise which was awkward for me. You'll get the hang of it after a few tries. Also, bought this unit specifically to handle my pureeing jobs. It's unbelievably tight. Filled the container all the way to the lid and had absolutely NO SPILLAGE. That's a feat in itself. The downside, however, is it's a bit too slow. Had to leave the soup in for at least a minute per batch to even rival other puree jobs I've done in lesser, but messier and less efficient, models. Power It seems powerful, but slower than cheaper models I've owned. Safety So far, the safety features seem fine Ease of Assembly Like I said, I like the sturdy feeling of how the pieces adjoin together. Ease of Cleaning Haven't really tried it yet, but anticipate that the pieces will disassemble easily enough Durability Not sure what to make of the other reviews that insist the motor is not durable. Am a bit nervous about keeping the unit based on these consistent reviews.

Sebring, FL


Kenmore Food Processor, wanted to love it but didn't last a year


I received my Kenmore Food Processor last year for Christmas and was so excited. I really liked how big it was and te shredding and slicing attachments worked great. It worked on everything from carrots to squash and really was impressive. I honestly had probably only used it 4 times before it started not to work. The engine would run put wouldn't spin. After playing with it a while, I thought I fixed it and it managed to limp along for a while longer. However, less then a year from when I got it, it completely died. No spinning and a horrible burning smell. I was upset, because when it works, it works well. But it actually working didn't occur often. I also found that it was somehwhat hard to get the blades off and actually cut myself pretty badly in an attempt to remove it one time. Clean up is fairly easy and the size can't be beat. All in all that it was dissapointing that after using it 10 times it was completely dead.

Glastonbury, CT


My Kenmore food processor is reliable and sturdy!


Just to preface my review, my own food processor is the older model of this one, but very similar. I've had it, ever since we received it as a wedding gift in 2003. Yes, I know, a dinosaur! But I use it more than my blender and since we've had kids, it's been a huge money saver for baby food. That's what I've used it for the most - making my own baby food. But I've also used it to knead bread, make bread crumbs, blend marinade, and chop veggies, especially onions. (Who wants to dice them by hand? Not me!)Here's what I really like: 1. Variety of blades: I love the 4 blades that came with mine. I regularly use the chopper, the shredder, and the insert blade. I don't use the dough blade quite as much but it has been used. 2. Easy to clean: I just toss all the parts in the dishwasher. Negatives: 1. I don't want to complain about this, since I've had it all these years, but it is my biggest complaint: the top part has a plastic hinge thing that broke off. Not a big deal, but now I have to push and hold the lid on for the blades to spin. Maybe this newer model has fixed that? I hope! Also, it is very heavy but that goes with the territory.

Waterboro, ME


Will save you time in the kitchen


My mother bought me the Kenmore food processor for Christmas and I love it.  I use a lot more fresh vegetables now since my husband is diabetic. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. Half of my time is just spent prepping the foods. SInce I've got my food processor what used to take me 15 minutes is now more like couple minutes.  The processor works great. It can cut up many different types of food in a variety of ways. It comes with a couple different tools to help you dice, mince, puree, or shred. Now I can shred cheese in less than a minute an dice up all my vegetables in a hurry.  It is very easy to use. There are only a couple of things I do not like about the processor.  The disk that use use to shred or slice is sometimes tricky to get out.  I am often afraid of slicing myself with it and usually have to get a knife to help me get it out.  I also have to work to get the lid on just right.  If it is not turned in the correct manner it will not lock into place and work.  It is definetly worth it to but this processor.  I have much more time to sit back and relax and do other things that need to be done.

Hesperia, CA


Wonderful machine with too many moving parts


The Kenmore food processor is a great investment, but it is a little tricky and frustrating to use.  There are a lot of moving parts, and I don't just mean the parts for the blade.  Before the machine will start, the bowl must be snapped into place.  Then the top must snap into that, and there is a spring loaded area that has to snap.  The top also has the spring loaded area, and if all of these are not in place, the machine will not start.  While I can definitely appreciate safety, so many pieces have to snap into each other just so or it will not work, and it is frustrating to do.  If one piece is not in place, you basically have to take it apart and start over.  When you're done using it, you have to mess with it in the same ways to get it apart.  I'm more worried about breaking it than having food fly all over the floor!  The grater works so-so, the chopper is great, and the amount of food that ends up out of the bowl and around the machine underneath is reasonable.  I like the ten cup limit, and it will definitely fill to that point!, So, overall it is a good machine, just a little tricky to get started.  Also, the cord comes wrapped underneath, so don't do like me and think that it only has an eight inch cord-there is more!  I hope this machine will last for a long time, as I have always had good luck with Kenmore.

Fort Huachuca, AZ


Kenmore 10-Cup Food Processor

3.3 8