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Kenmore 0.9 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave White 73092


Small White Countertop Microwave Features Six Smart Touch Settings

The Kenmore white 0.9 cu. ft. countertop microwave is a smart way to cook your food! Enjoy using the six Smart Touch settings to cook food without having to select the cook time or power level. For your favorite foods, the memory feature offers true convenience as you can create and save customized cook time and power level combinations. The 900-watt Kenmore microwave has a 0.9 cu. ft. capacity and fits on the countertop for ease of use.

The small white countertop microwave has ten power levels for you to get the perfect cook for your meals or snacks. Easily increase cook time in 30-sec increments as you desire. It has a 10.6 in diameter glass turntable, which is dishwasher safe for cleaning. The LED display is easy to read when you set the power levels and cook times, and then the door swings open using a simple push-button door release. As well, set multiple cooking stages and times at once, including defrost, and then the appliance automatically moves from one stage to the next!

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Pretty good product


This microwave is worth the price, but is a little small for larger items

Minneapolis, MN


This is the brand for me


This has just the right amount of power for what we use it for. I mostly use ours to make popcorn, and it works fine for that. We also use it for reaheating foods, and it heats foods quickly. I appreciate that the food is heated evenly. It has several levels for defrosting that we use frequently. I'm very happy with the appearance of the outside of the microwave. This is my second Kenmore microwave and I think they last a long time. They are a good value for the price. There are only two negatives to this microwave. The inside of the door is peeling and the door handle sometimes sticks which pulls the whole microwave unless you use two hands. I would definitely buy another Kenmore, and this particular model would be first on my list.



Great size for a camper


We purchased this Kenmore microwave to keep in our pop up camera and it works great. It is much nicer than the older style microwave that came with our camper and it matched the interior so much better after we did all of the upgrades. It is very sleek and modern looking. The size of the microwave is 0.9 cubic feet which may not be great for someone who is looking for a microwave for their kitchen. If you are single or looking for a microwave that is small and doesn't take up a whole lot of counter space, this one will serve the purpose beautifully. The cost is at a lower price point than many other larger microwaves that are comparable, which is also great for us because we use it minimally. It has been an excellent addition to our pop up camper and I would recommend this microwave to anyone who might be looking for a smaller appliance that works as well and is as beautiful and sleek as it's larger counterparts.

Hendersonville, NC


Kenmore 0.9 Cu. Ft. Countertop Microwave White 73092

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