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Kellogg's - Special K Protein Chocolately Chip Meal Bar

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Special K protein meal bars are satisfyingly delicious!!!


Special K protein bars are one of those items that make you feel like you are blowing your diet somehow. I really get nervous when companies profess to have aced making a nutritious product taste like a candy bar! Well, Special K protein bars have succeeded at doing just that! Really, I resist getting candy bars and chips but periodically I grab a banana and a Special K bar on the run and I am utterly shocked when my scale tells me it did no harm. I have to admit it can trigger a craving for the snickers or my all-time favorite peanut chews. I wouldn't recommend these for a snack every day because of that but if you are really struggling to rid yourself of junk this is a wonderful alternative. It is also affordable and coupons are always available.



Awkward chocolate taste


There are a lot of granola bars options out there that have a better taste than these bars. The combination of the Special K and chocolate are an awkward mix and probably should be avoided since there are so many other options out there. Also, because of the price, these are probably worth only catching on sale or with a coupon.



Kellogg's - Special K Protein Chocolately Chip Meal Bar

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