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Kellogg's - Blueberry Nutri-Grain Bars

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A kitchen staple!


These are my go-to on those mornings when I'm running behind and don't have time for breakfast, or even as a mid-day snack. My kids always eat these as an afterschool snack and after practices and football games. They are perfectly sized portions and the various flavors available are delish, especially the Blueberry and Strawberry Nutri-Grain Bars- yuuum! ♡


Philadelphia, PA


pretty good


As I said in my review of the Apple Cinnamon Nutri-grain Bars, they're not the best value unless they're on sale with a coupon. But they are way superior to other cereal bars. They're soft and chewy, where other brands are dry and crumbly. The filling in a Nutri-grain bar tastes better and less artificial than other brands as well. The blueberry ones are really good; it's actually my favorite flavor as well as my kids' . They're extra sweet, a little bit tangy, and have a nice natural flavor to them. This is a very consistent product that you can always trust to be as fresh and chewy as the last ones you bought.




Small snack bar, delicious taste


These small snack bars have a great flaky outer covering. The blueberry filling does not have the taste of real blueberries, but it does have a unique taste that is a very good combination with the flaky crust. These bars are great for on the go type people or for hikers out on the trail.




Convenient and easy.


The good thing about Kellogg's Nutri-grain bars is that they are very quick and convenient for people who are on the go. They are fortified like cold cereal, so they are also a good source of key micro nutrients. They are fairly healthy, for a fast food. The down side of this product is that is really doesn't taste that great. The blueberry filling is very artificially flavored and too sweet, and the cereal portion tends to be on the dry side. They remind me of Newtons but not in a good way. They are also low in fiber and protein, so, to me, they are a very unsatisfying snack.




I love Nutri-Grain bars


I work from home, and I'm a wife to my husband, so getting him ready in the morning is a challenge. Sometime's I'm cooking for him or finding his tie or wallet, or who knows what . I always am trying to eat healthy and count my calories and having a bar in the morning for breakfast usually works good for me. Nutri grain bars I remember eating even when I was little. I always loved all the flavors, especially this one (blueberry) it tastes so rich, and fresh. It is low in calories for breakfast or a snack during the day. I get them whenever they are on sale in any flavor. They sell them in most supermarkets, or even your drugstore. Defiitely would reccomend to anyone. 


Bronx, NY


Kellogg's - Blueberry Nutri-Grain Bars

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