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Keiser University - Medical Assistant

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Keiser University's Medical Assisting Course was simply amazing.


I Started the Keiser University Medical Assisting course almost nine months ago. I have since finished the course along with the required externship. I decided to take classes on campus. I learned so much i didn't know before hand and the teacher was amazing. She helped with what I needed to pass the class. I particularly enjoyed the Radiography class the best. The was It works out is you take one class a month so you can focus completely on the class. It was a wonderful experience and I've many new friends. I recommend anyone looking to go back to school or just starting college, who is interested in Medical Assisting to check out Keiser University. Overall the course itself was very hands on and easy to learn. The curriculum is very easy to understand, and the homework is minimal if one studies. The required externship on the course is a wonderful hands on experience where you are in the working profession of a medical assistant.

Jacksonville, FL


You take classes 1 month at a time without set hours.


I loved taking my classes online. You can do your work anytime of the day or night. You have set days things are due, but don't set times you have to be there. Having a new baby I was up at 3 a.m. many nights doing homework. It's great when you don't have the time to set in a class all day. The only problem that I had was when it came to clinicals. I chose to transfer to the college to finish that portion of my degree. It's hard to find a site that is willing to train you and help you learn the hands on part. Also they don't want to be liable for someone not trained doing procedures on patients.  

Lakeland, FL


Keiser University - Medical Assistant

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