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Keekaroo Height Right Toddler Wood High Chair

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GREAT high chair, lasts from barely sitting through childhood


My parents bought this high chair for my son when he was about 6 months old, and starting to want to sit and the table with us while we ate meals together. It was a fantastic purchase, and 4 years later it is still being used every day. I plan to purchase another one just like it for the baby coming this summer. It is solid wood and very sturdy, and the finish is easy to clean. There are no cracks and crevices for food to get stuck and it still looks great even after 4 years of daily rough use by a preschool aged boy. When my son was a baby, we used the tray, which is very easy to take on and off, and the belt to keep him from sliding out the bottom of the seat. When he hit toddler hood, we took off the tray and the belt and he just uses it as his chair at the table. Like other, very expensive similar chairs, both the seat and the foot rest are endlessly adjustable, which means that your child is comfortable while sitting, without their knees being too high or their feet dangling. I think being about to sit comfortably at the table has been crucial in keeping my son seat throughout meals. I highly recommend this chair - I cannot think of a single thing about it that I do not like. It is very attractive and doesn't look like typical plastic colorful baby furniture. It will hold a lot of weight, too, so even after my children outgrow these, they will be somewhere in my kitchen or dining room as extra seating for adults. I can sit in it very comfortably, myself, and so can my husband.

Riverside, AL


Keekaroo is an affordable convertible high chair/toddler chair


The Keekaroo high chair is a great choice if you are looking for a rubber wood/convertible high chair that will grow with your child from when they are able to sit on their own up to 150 pounds. You can move the foot plate and seat plate into the right slots as your child grows. The seat plate has webbed straps to hold baby in place so she doesn't try to launch herself onto the table. You can get an optional tray to make the high chair a free standing entity. When my mom got us this high chair as a gift we read a bunch of reviews on it but unfortunately no one mentioned the fact that the optional  chair insert for little ones is not actually optional if you want to use the tray, as baby will slip and slide around in her seat and won't be able to sit up straight. We usually push her up to the table to eat with us so that's not a real issue for us, but you might want to consider purchasing the insert to keep your little one really secure.

Seattle, WA


Keekaroo high chair is extremely functional!


This chair is great! It is safe, good looking, and easy. The adjustable seating, foot rest, and removable grow with your child so that you can use it for years! I very highly recommend this high chair!

Edmond, OK


Keekaroo Height Right Toddler Wood High Chair

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