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Kaz Relion Warm Moisture Humidifier Series

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I have owned this dehumidifier for over a year and is very satisfied with it. It is very affordable and the filter is cheap too. It runs pretty quiet and it does the job very well. I would recommend this product to anyone who might need a dehumidifier.

Falls Church, VA


The Relion Humidifier is hard to maintain, but works well.


The Kaz Relion Warm Moisture Humidifier gets the job done, but should not be your first choice for humidifiers. The upside: It does a good job of making a room humid. It is fairly easy to fill the tank. It has an automatic shutoff so it does not run when the tank is empty. It is easy to turn on and off (a large knob is used to turn the humidifier on and off). The tank is very well sealed and does not leak. The downsides: It is extremly hard to clean. You are supposed to wipe it down everyday and run vinegar through it once a week and clean it with bleach once a week. This was a huge downside for me, since I do not have the time to do all that cleaning. If you do not do the cleaning large amounts of scale build up. Also, it does not run for the amount of time that is expected, which is unfortunate. While it is easier to fill than many humidifiers, it can not be filled completly in a normal bathroom sink (it is too tall).

Cincinnati, OH


It works great, but it takes a lot of cleaning.


This humidifier was the only one reccommended for the muliple uses for which I wanted it. It does, however have to be cleaned every single day to keep buildup off the heating element. I wonder how long it will last if it is that fragile.

White House, TN


Kaz Relion Warm Moisture Humidifier Series

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