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Kaz DynaMist Humidifier

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helpful but not a good design


This humidifier has been very helpful in my toddler son's room when he has a cold and is coughing too much to sleep - I also like the menthol liquid you can add to the machine to soothe breathing/cough as well. However, some design issues would probably keep me from purchasing this machine again: due to shape, you cannot completely drain the water from the tank which means I have to leave it out and open for days until all the water evaporates or I have to cram my hand in the hole and try to dry it out with a towel. Also, after using it for about 3 months, we had developed a leak and it now soaks whatever it is sitting on overnight.


Raleigh, NC


Kaz Humidifier


I live in a northern climate, and since our winters are very dry and cold, it is almost a necessity to have a humidifier running in our home. In the past 30 years I have purchased quite a few humidifiers, from warm mist vaporizers to cool mist ultra sonic humidifiers, and all of them have their pros and cons. The ultra sonic are very quiet but they leave that nasty white dust everywhere. I don't know about you, but I don't like to dust in the first place so I don't appreciate these making more work for me. Steam vaporizers work well, but you have to be careful when using them around children and pets because they can actually burn you. Steam is hotter than boiling water, after all! The Kaz Humidifier is my latest find, and so far I am very pleased with its performance. It is small, easy to fill, and it runs for a long time. Not only does this put much needed moisture into the air, it also has a filter that helps trap 93% of indoor pollutants, which makes for a healthier home. It does put out cold air, and it isn't exactly quiet, but this was a product with a nice price tag, and so far we are very pleased with its performance. Our doctor recommends a cool mist humidifier, and this meets that criteria. Output Volume Good output, holds 1.2 gallons and runs for up to 20 hours Performance Puts moisture in the air and also cleans the air of pollens and dust Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean. Empty out, rinse and wipe dry with a paper towel! Durability Seems very durable, not a lot of parts to have to worry about breaking Design Not the prettiest, reminds me of an old fashioned vaporizer


Eagle River, AK


Kaz DynaMist Humidifier


I have a Kaz DynaMist Humidifier, it blows cool moisture into the air to prevent dryout damage to plants and furniture. It is doctor prescribed to help relieve cold and flu symptoms, also it helps you breathe better and sleep more comfortably when you have a cold. The humidifier operates 10 to 12 hours between water refills so you don't have to refill it so often. It has a 1.2 gallon capacity and also has a dust trap air filter and a 2 year warranty. The humidifier removes dust, pollen, odors and tobacco smoke from the air. This humidifier is made in the United States. I like this humidifier and will recommend this to anyone.


Alma, MI


Kaz DynaMist Humidifier

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