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Kaz 4100 1 Gallon Humidifier

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Better products out there


My mom bought this humidifier for us about 3 years ago when our kids were little and seemed to get colds quite often. This wasn't my favorite humidifier. It worked ok and did what it was supposed to. However, it was heavy and awkward to move around. After filling it with water I would slosh half of the water on the floor trying to get it to our child's room. And we would have to remove it from their room as soon as they woke up as they would play around the humidifier and knock the top off. It put out a decent amount of steam but the one we have now is much better. We do not have this humidifier anymore as I believe we had to throw it out because it started to get moldy. It's hard to get the whole thing clean and dry. It's also a bit difficult to fill it with water in the sink (bathtub may be easier). The design is simple and it's was pretty easy for me to use. I just think there are better ones out there. However, in a pinch this one would do ok.

Greenville, SC


Use it half the time during the winter


We used to live in a really humid area but this last year we moved to a real dry one. During the winter this was really hard on our kids. They would cough all night long. One night I thought maybe we should try the humidifier. It was amazing. Our kids hardly coughed at all. We ran it almost every night after that. It is really easy to use. You just fill it and plug it in. Output Volume It seems like it puts out a great mist, but not so much that our kids bedding ends up wet in the morning. Performance Great product, it reduced our kids coughing almost immediately. Ease of Cleaning I think the design makes it easier than the other humidifier we own but probably not as easy as some of the more expensive models. Durability I think we've had it about seven years and it still works great! Design The one thing I don't like about it is that there is no on off switch. In order to turn it off you have to unplug it. I guess that means it is more energy efficient.



Does the job but not my favorite


This works ok. I find that these are not as stable as others I have used. In my opinion way to easy to come apart. I have a humidfier where there water is in a bottle and is only released when inserted into the until. I feel there is a lack of saftey features on this also. It will work fine for you if you aren't concerned about little ones getting into it.

Rexburg, ID


Wasn't very happy with this humidifier, especially after it brok


I chose to buy this paticular humidifier as opposed to a Vicks that was more expensive because i wanted to save the money but It ended up breaking. It was easy to understand how to use it but was a mess to fill. I also didn't like that the steam sprayed out to the side somewhat instead of straight up, making it possible or my son to get burned. I would have liked it much better if it were more of a stand up kind so it didn't take up as much room. But I guess it doesn't matter since it only worked for two months. Output Volume It does put out alot of steam Performance After only two months it broke an I had to exchange it for the one I originally wanted. Ease of Cleaning Although I didn't have it long enough to clean it, it would have been easier to clean than the one I have now. Durability It broke after two months. Design Could have been more space efficient.

Port Lavaca, TX


Kaz 4100 1 Gallon Humidifier

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