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Kay Jewelers - Kay Jewelers Store Credit Card

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Not bad for a store credit card.


I was a cardholder with Kays for a couple years and overall have nothing to complain about regarding their store credit card. It was and still is one of my favorite credit card experiences. < br>< br> The interest isn't bad at all, the repayment plan is more than doable and I happen to know that they are pretty patient when it comes to being a couple days late with a payment. Both of which are very good things when you are trying to repay a bill, especially in the current economical times we are living in. < br>< br> The customer service team that works with you when you have questions or concerns with your Kays store credit card is phenomenal, and I don't say that often when it comes to customer service. They really are a great team of people that go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your experience. < br>< br> I never had any real issues with them when I was a card member and if I hadn't of jumped at the opportunity to pay my balance off with them when I did, I would probably still be a active card carrying member. They really are some of the best. < br>< br> So yes,long story short- I would recommend this card to my friends or people I know. Its good if you're looking for a card to help build your credit, or if you are a big fan of jeqelry.



Nice Financing Promotions


I opened a Kay Jewelers when I wanted to make an expensive purchase of a watch and they had a special financing offer when you used their card. It was several years ago, but I believe it was six months with zero interest if you paid within those six months. In any case, the application process was super easy and completed in the store before I purchased the watch. I used my card that day and received the permanent card in the mail about a week later. Payments were easy. I usually didn't mail my payments but paid a bit on my bill every time I was at the mall and I darted into the store to make a payment which took about two minutes. I did pay off the balance during the promotional period so I didn't have to pay any interest which I was glad of since the interest rate was about 22% or so at the time. Overall, if they are having a special financing promotion and you plan to pay off the balance before you are charged interest this is a good option.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Kay Jewelers Store Credit Card gives you things you want


The Kay Jewelers Store Credit Card is a great card to have for everyone.  Especially young adults who are just starting off their credit history is a great way for them to get the flashy chain to keep up with new trends and build up their credit at the same time.  Usually when you sign up for the card they offer you the first 90 days or first year interest free so you have more then enough time to pay of the gold necklace or ring.  It's a good card to have when you don't have any spending money in your budget but want to go shopping and still feel that your getting something nice for shopping.  Jewelry is always a good thing to shop for.  The return policy on the items you buy is great and even if you buy something and return it they will give you a full refund.  The customer service is great and they do not break the rulles of the customer is always right.  Overall the Kay Jewelers Store Credit Card is classified as the spoil your self card in my opinion.

Reynoldsburg, OH


Kay Jewelers - Kay Jewelers Store Credit Card

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