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Kat Von D
Kat von D liquid eyeliner

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Kat von D makeup is a staple for me in my makeup arsenal because of the bold, dramatic looks I am able to create with it, and her liquid eyeliner is no exception! This is what I use when I want a defined cat-eye shape and it works BEAUTIFULLY. It goes on smoothly without tugging at my eyelid and has staying power.



Great eyeliner


I just started using this eyeliner last week and I love it! I normally use revlon which is great but wanted to try this one, I love the pigmentation on this liner, it's so dark and matte finish which I love, also it lasts all day long for me, i am not sure if it's waterproof or not but it's stays put all day on me. Also what I like most about it is the brush tip applicator is has, it's small and thin and makes it easy to use and make a presice straght line which is why I really bought it. the price is obviously higher then most but I think it's worth it if it doesnt dry out really fast. So overall I love everything about it except the high price. Also you can only get it at sephora so that's not really good either but still worth it.

Adelanto, CA


Great brand, great colors and great liquid liner!


I love Kat Von D's makeup line. Its definitely a brand I gravitate towards when I need or want new makeup. I find that the quality of her products are amazing and the colors are breathtaking.  I have this in the standard black. The color is called Puro Amor. The packaging is very cute! It lasts a long time, goes on smoothly, the applicator brush is small and precise, its easy in the hand, and it's portable.  One thing I find is that you CANT get it wet or it will go all over your face! So if your going into a situation where water, tears, or runny eyes are in the forecast. Skip out on this! Otherwise if your on the run and need a quick pop of eyeliner this is perfect! I really want to try more colors in the future because I really like this liquid liner. Its perfect for the everyday women, girls starting out with makeup, or if your new to liquid liner.  Overall I DO recommend this. It's worth a try!!! =)

Sunnyvale, CA


Precision brush delivers uniquely pigmented eyeliner!


Kat has done it again with her liquid eyeliner! Complete awesomeness! I have tried other liquid eyeliners before and ended up throwing them away due to non-pecision applicatiors, boring colors, and general sloppiness. Kat von D's liquid eyeliner comes in the most interesting pallate of colors with the most perfect and precision brush I have ever tried! I am usually an eye pencil person, but I find as I get older, my skin around my eyes is much more delcate than it used to be and ANY pencil casues pulling and therefore an imprecise line that looks like a dotted line. Kat's eyeiner has the tiniest prush - so slim and perfect I could probably write with it - that allows for smooth application and precise color placement.  Because of this ability, I bought TWO colors - not just one - so I could be dramatic and combine two of her rocking colors.  My eyes are my best feature and wearing makeup that is dramatic and unique makes me feel less depressed about my increasing age! With a touch of Kat's concealer, eyeliner and a bit of lipgloss and I feel pretty again!

Quincy, MA


Kat von D liquid eyeliner

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