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Kaspersky Internet Security

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Love my Kapersky!


I have had Kapersy Internet Security for the past three years and I LOVE it. When I bought my computer three years ago I asked the computer tech about anit virus and internet securtiy, I figured he was going to suggest one of the leading national brands that we hear so much about. I was surprised when he recommended Kapersky. I had never even heard of it before but the guy was so sure about it that I said I would give it a try. Well, three years later and 2 renewals later I am not dissapointed at all. The computer tech explained how Kaperskyy takes up less memory on your computer and I can't for sure say that is true compared to other products but I know it doesn't seem to take up much space compared to other programs. I have never had a computer crash issue and when I have never had a virus issue with my computer either. It seems to do a good job and catching and putting into quarantine viruses, malware, adware, etc. I am not a comptuer genius by any means but I am happy with the protection I am getting from Kapersky.

Wahpeton, ND


Great virus spoiler, recognize quickly any cyber attack.


**Kaspersky Anti virus software provides an excellent line of defense, quicky defensive response against spywares, adwares and trojans. Easy to use, commands are easy to find, explains actions taken, quarantine and warnings regarding potential damaged registries or removal of registries if viruses, adwares, spywares are removed. **

Miami, FL


Has great reviews, works great at first


I had this antivirus software downloaded to my computer through the geek squad. I brung my computer home to work great for the first three months. Now the antivirus software keeps clicking on to do full computer objects scans when I do not ask it to. It has been slowing down my laptop computer tremendously and I am opting to have it removed. I have heard lots of great things about this software, but it does not work too well on my laptop. It keeps doing what it wants to do, and not what it should be doing. I have tried several different anti virus software in the future and never have I had a problem with any of them.This is the first time I have had software go haywire on me and do things that it is not time to do. I can not even use my laptop anymore until I have this completely removed and have something else put on. Not to mention the ammount of money and time I have put into having this installed on my computer which was professionally done. When I have installed the other software by myself no problems, but Kapersky does not seem to work like its claim.

Lees Summit, MO


Kaspersy Internet Security is one you'll never forget


Being a novice I have a lot to learn when it comes to the language of technology & our PC shortcuts. While in the process of learning I know not to be vulnerable nor allow my Pc to be vulnerable either that's why I got the Kaspersky Internet Security for 2009 last year only because someone who does know what they are doing suggested to get the protection needed for someone like me. (novice) I'll tell you I am so glad I did get this software as my PC has been protected & still running fine along with fast as ever. I am very satisfied with it that I went out & got the edition 2010 Kapesky for my Internet Security for this year. I get added protection which I love as I find myself @ different sites that ask if you want to allow a site that might not be good for your PC. This way I at least have the option if I want to allow something or not. I give this review for Kapersky a very good rating! You can no go wrong

Buffalo, NY


Awesomness, sweet and simple


Kapesky is awesome. Its definately for the advanced user though... I love being able to tell exactly what IP is trying to get into my computer so I can send whatever it is right back at them! Also, it tweaks your system in order to make it run better and stay air tight. I've been using it for years with no problems! Love this stuff!

Interlachen, FL




This program is the worst. It claims to do all this stuff on the box. They reality is that it DOES NOT hunt down and remove virus, installers, etc like it claims on the box. I have just as many problems now as when the virus downloaded. Yes I know for best protection you should install before a virus attacks. We had let our Norton lapse for one week and got a virus. Went shopping for new Anti-Virus and found this. Claims that it finds and fixes all types of computer "wreckers". Well it didn't remove anything from our computer. Plus this thing locks your computer down tight. Meaning sites you could visit before (such as ebay or other well know sites) are no long able to be viewed. PLUS! This dumb thing even did something to my flash player. I have tried to install Adobe flash many times (following all of Adobe's trouble shooting instructions) and my computer won't let me do this. 99% of the time I now have the security turned off so that I can do things. So I paid all that money for nothing. What a waste! Go with a Symantec/Norton product. They are much better value for the money you will spend.

Excelsior, MN


Kaspersky Internet Security

3.8 6