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Kashi - TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers

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Healthy snack.


After giving birth to my son, I decided to try to lose weight and eat healthier. As many know, that's really difficult to do, but these Kashi - TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers really helped me stay on track. They're something to snack on when you get a little hungry, but you aren't consuming too many calories or anything unhealthy. They really helped me stay on track.



Surpisingly Good!


These are actually pretty good. Too be honest, I didn't think they wouldn't taste very good, but I was proved wrong. I thought they were a little pricy, but was lucky enough to find a coupon on their website. They taste even better with cheese or bacon horseradish dip on top. These are great for parties or luncheons!

Hague, VA


Kashi TLC Orignial 7 Grain Crackers a very tasty!


I love a good cracker! Kashi brand overall has yummy food. One day I has a coupon for the Kashi TLC Crackers and decided to the try the 7 Grain! I have bought them again since then if that tells you something! LOL! The have a superb taste. You don't need any dip. They are really good by themselves. They are a small cracker. They are a little thicker than some cracker, but that adds to the crispiness of them. The box seems to come with a good amoutn of crackers too! I didn't feel like I wasn't get what I paid for I don't think I could say anything bad about them as far as taste. They are pricey, but it is worth it and there are often coupons that help off set the price. They are great for a party since you don't want to feed your guest horribly bad for them food so you are giving them something that tastes good and is good for them. Great for picky kids too. They will love the taste and you know you are getting something good into them!

Spring Hill, TN


Ehh... I'd rather have Wheat Thins


If you've seen those Kashi commercials that advertise sending you a free sample of something, I highly recommend that you do it! I did, and I chose the Kashi - TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers, and boy can I say that I was disappointed and in pain! While I'm sure that these crackers are healthy and nutritious, it basically tasted like a Wheat Thin, but with a grainy texture that made chewing unpleasant. The bland cracker has seeds or grit that made my teeth hurt and it was really obnoxious because it got stuck in between my teeth. This is what made me completely dislike Kashi - TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers. Good thing I only had a small sample sized bag cuz I would've thrown the entire box away. In the end, I say do the free sampling thing from Kashi, but don't choose the\TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers unless you want to break a tooth! If you want a great whole grain cracker, you're better off with a box of Wheat Thins, or whole grain toast.

Wheeling, IL


Just had these with lunch, YUM!


Omg! I just tried the 7 whole grain kashi crackers and there great! i i tried the cheddar kind, there good too but these are better! I eat very healthy and ive cut out all fast food, soda and junk food like chips and everything. I can never find a healthy alternative to those high calorie trans fat chips and crackers till i found these! I got the snack bag ones to put with my lunch, as of now my lunch was a low fat yogurt, an apple and these scrumptious crackers! GO KASHI! A++++!

Brasher Falls, NY


Quality Crackers


I am a big fan of Kashi products, especially now that I have tasted these crackers.  I am a frequent snacker, but also very health conscious so I was really anxious to try these new crackers with no trans fats and whole grains.  The crackers are a delicious mixture of whole grains and sesame.  Each square tastes so flavorful and has just the right amount of crunch.  These are a great quality cracker and made from a mix of oats, hard red winter wheat, rye, long grain brown rice, triticale, barley, buckwheat, and sesame seeds.  These grains are the perfect combination for flavor.  The crackers are superb plain, but they are also tasty topped with cheese and dips.  These crackers are so full of flavor it is hard to beleve they are healthy.  But each serving of 15 crackers is only about 130 calories with 3 grams of fat.  Kashi also offers other varieties of cheddar, ranch, sesame and vegetable, but the 7 grain crackers are my favorite.  They cost a little more than other brand crackers, but taste great and are a quality cracker.

Las Vegas, NV


Healthy and tasty


These crackers are just the best!!! They are so tasty, and even better, healthy. No trans fat, no HFCS, only good grains to help with my busy life! The price is not that bad either, just about the same as other not so healthy snacks. Give these crackers as a snack  to your children instead of junk food, they will love it and you will love that you are giving them something you don't have to worry about.

Saint Augustine, FL


Kashi - TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers

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