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Kashi Mountain Medley Cereal

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Kashi Mountain Medley Cereal is Great


Kashi Mountain Medley Cereal is great.  I don't eat it like cereal, but I put a small amount in my yogurt, about a quarter of a cup, and it tastes great.  I buy the yogurt that is worth one point for weight watchers diet and a quarter of a cup of kashi mountain medley cereal counts as two points.  So sometimes I have this delicious concoction for lunch or sometimes I have it as a snack.  The whole thing is only counted as three points on weight watchers.  Kashi Mountain Medley is very high in fiber so it keeps you full and satisfied for a long time.  It also tastes very good.  The flavors are just perfect.  A little bit of fruit and a little bit of nuts.  I find it hard to find it in the stores that I shop in, so when I see it, I stock up on it.  It does last for a while.  It is a little pricey like most of Kashi products, but you can write to Kashi or go to their website and request a coupon for their products.  Most of the time they will send it to you.  it is worth it though.

Staten Island, NY


Candy in disguise!


Ok I will start out by saying YES- this granola is delicious. Yes, it is filling.  THATS BECAUSE IT IS A CANDY BAR IN DISGUISE!!!  Look at the nutrition facts, it is loaded loaded loaded with sugar.  Kashi likes to market their products very well, so this sugar is called "brown cane juice" or some fancy organic name like that. But really, its sugar. It does the same thing in your body that a milky way bar will do.  Your body will store it on your hips just like cheesecake.  Yes, it is filling, tahts becasue it is FILLED with calories!!!  This is nothing more than sugar and calories in a fancy, organic costume.  Don't fall for it. You want t wholesome breakfast? Scramble an egg.  Eat some almonds. This is overprocessed garbage.  Kashi should be askamed of themselves. Sugary over processed garbage.  Dont buy it, becasue you might actually like it, and if you do- don't be fooled into thinking you are doing your waistline a favor!

Philadelphia, PA


Kashi hit a "home run" with Mountain Medely!


My husband and I have become Kashi Mountain Medley addicts.  We simply love this delicious, healthy, morning treat.  The combination of whole grains, nuts and fruit is a real taste sensation that we crave.  And it's so  satisfying...  Wish we could find it in the larger size box, as it doesn't last long around our house.    The Cremers Plymouth, MN

Minneapolis, MN


A Pleasant Surprise(Oh,and it was free)


     I received a free sample,my favorite kind,of Kashi's Mountain Medley Granola the other day(you can too,go to www.kashi.com).    I know you have seen those crazy commercials with the guy traveling all over the world, eating all those disgusting looking things(did not make me want to try any of their products).   Well let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised.    This has cranberries and raisins,almonds and pecans,sunflower seeds and coconut flakes,and seven whole grain clusters sweetened with honey and maple.  I  ate it plain,like a trail mix,but you can also eat it as a cereal.    Now let me tell you that I am not the healthiest of eaters.For breakfast I normally have a kids cereal(like Honey-Combs,or Fruity-Pebbles),with my 2 kids.Snack-time in the afternoon normally consists of pretzels,tortilla chips,or popcorn.I know,shame on me, being a busy mom on the go,is no excuse.   Well at least now I have discovered another option.Something that has whole grains,good fats(who knew),iron,is high in fiber and all natural. Best of all it tastes good(and I hate coconut).  Give it a try,see if your as pleasantly surprised as I was. What do you have to lose? Nothing,it is free,remember.                                

Rainbow City, AL


This is so good, you won't know its healthy for you.


I tried this cereal first through a sample and then purchased it in its full size. The cereal taste so good, a good mixture of sweet and hearty but not overwhelming for breakfast. It also contians your entire days worth of whole grains which is definately a plus. It is hearty enough to be good for a snack as well. The cereal has a good combination of granola and fruit, so you get a little of both in each bite. I would definately tell people to try this, especially since you can get a free sample through their website.

Tallahassee, FL


Kashi Mountain Medley Cereal

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