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Kardashian Beauty
Kardashian Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara

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My absolute favorite Mascara!


I have been looking for the perfect mascara for a really long time. I have very long thick lashes already, so most mascaras clump up on my lashes very easily. What I like in a mascara is added volume, added length and a plushness to my lashes- and if that's what your looking for- this is it! I have an obsession with my lashes- it's my favorite place to add drama. If I go out with no make up at all, I still put on mascara- it's a must for me! I cannot live without thick, super dark, super long lashes- and that is exactly what I found in Kardashian Beauty's Stroke of Midnight Mascara. It makes my lashes plusher than any other mascara that I have ever used. Kardashian Beauty has become my favorite line of makeup, but it all started with me falling in love with their Stroke of Midnight Mascara- it's the blackest black, which I really love, and it coats smoothly from root to tip. My lashes are left softer, not waxy and stiff- yet they are still very dramatic, long and voluminous. It is very unique in the way it coats so softly- no matter how many layers you add. It's very buildable, ladies- and we all know how much that counts in a mascara! It also has the rubberized type wand, but it isn't the normal thin, straight rubberized wand, it's a thicker one, with added body in the middle almost a reverse hourglass shape. I am so happy to have found this mascara, I no longer let my supply get below two tubes- I have been without it because of not being able to find a store with it in stock, and I end up getting frustrated with other mascara's expecting similar results, and getting nothing near what I get from Stroke of Midnight. It's very popular for a reason- it works, and it works great! I have yet to find a mascara that tops it, and doubt I ever will because of it's unique-ness. It has more than one trait I have never seen in other mascaras- so let's just say I don't plan on switching my mascara any time soon!

Worcester, MA


Kardashian Beauty Stroke of Midnight Mascara

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