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Kanga Care
Kanga Care Lil Joey Preemie Cloth Diaper

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Great for itty-bitty newborns!


I bought these for my nearly-9lb newborn and she wore them for a few weeks before outgrowing them. She didn't fit in one-size diapers yet, so I appreciated having this transitional option. While these diapers are kind of pricey, the quality is fantastic. They size down for really little newborns and preemies, but can fit up to 12 lbs. I found that the notch for the umbilical cord was a really great feature. This is the softest diaper you will ever find! While wearing these diapers, my newborns have slept like... well, babies! Ease of Use These diapers are totally self-explanatory. Nothing to stuff, fold, or assemble- you merely put the diaper on the baby! I think the snaps make for a particularly durable diaper, but they do take a little bit of practice. But I promise, you are smarter than the diaper. Leak Prevention I love how absorbent these are! Fewer leaks makes a sleepy mama very happy. Comfort The ultra-soft diaper obviously felt great on my babies. They looked comfortable while wearing them and never had any issues with red marks from too-tight elastic. Absorbency These diapers are pretty thick compared to other newborn AIOs. I think they do a great job of providing good absorbency, especially when my kids started sleeping longer stretches at night.




Kanga Care Lil Joey Preemie Cloth Diaper

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