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Kalorik Slow Cooker

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A good cooker, but has one major issue


The Kalorik Slow cooker has been a decent crock pot for me in the past several months. I use this crock pot to make turkey chilli and it always comes out delicious. The difference between the high and low settings are night and day, which is a great thing. On my old cooker those two settings were so close in the temperature that they basically left me with one setting. The low setting is allows me to let my food marinate longer before I raise it to high. This pot has an even distribution of heat through out the entire cooker. I have never once experienced any burned rice or noodles while using this crock pot. I like the removable inner pot that makes cleaning easier. I can wash the pot in the sink or put it in the dishwasher with no problems. The major issue I have with this pot is that I worry about its durability. Every once in a while the Kalorik Slow Cooker will just cut off and go in to keep warm mode. This usually will only last for about 30 seconds and revert back to the original setting. This has been happening more frequently over the past couple of weeks and I fear that it is a sign of breaking down.

Westchester, IL


Easy to Use and easy to clean


I love my Large Kalorik Crock Pot! I have a small crock pot I'd received several years ago as a wedding gift and lately it's just been too small for what I need to cook. So, I decided to upgrade to a larger one. Kalorik is a good looking crock pot with three heat settings. I used it the other day and it worked great! It cooks fast but not too hot. It was really easy to clean. Some crockpots are really hard to scrub for some reason but I didn't have any trouble with this one. The food washed out very easily when I washed it. It's a little bit expensive for a crock pot, but I wanted to make sure I got a good one since I plan to use it at least once every other week. It's important to me that I have something reliable that I'm not afraid to leave cooking while I run errands, attend Church, etc. I would recommend this crock pot to anyone who is looking for one. It's not the cheapest on the market but I really like it.

Knoxville, TN


Kalorik Slow Cooker

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