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MCH 33526 BL
Kalorik Baby Gourmet Food Maker in 1 Steam Cooker Blue


From now on, life is easy with the Kalorik Baby Gourmet. A Food Processor and Steamer in one unit, you can prepare baby food in under 10 minutes! Know what you are feeding your baby- no fillers or preservatives as off the shelf baby foods. Save money, no more buying expensive baby food. Simple operation only 1 two-position switch for the entire process. High speed stainless steel blade rotation to chop food to very small pieces. Powerful steam to cook food in a very short time. Clear tank 250cc / oz water tank for steaming and basket for easy viewing. 100% PBA Free and FDA approved. Includes a stand for sterilizing pacifiers and a container to reheat and defrost food.

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Cute and Funtional


I have owned several baby food makers, since I much prefer making my own baby food, and this one is by far my favorite. It is definitely the cutest one I have used, but more importantly, it multi-tasks extremely well, which is key for any busy mama. The blades are perfect for chopping a wide assortment of veggies and can also puree fruits without leaving any seeds or chunks that present a choking hazard. I love how easy it is to switch between dicing and steaming. It truly is an all-in-one device. It grows with my baby, making perfect purees while allowing me to gradually add more texture to the foods as I see fit. The purees are ideal to pour into reusable pouches. Already, this has saved me so much money in comparison to buying conventional pouches or jars of baby food. The size is ideal for making several meals that I can freeze. Two other major pluses are that it is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, although I still handwash all of the parts. The slicing and chopping feature is easy to use to make finger food snacks that are great for the toddler phase. And quite honestly, I've used this as a regular food processor to slice and dice small items for our whole family. The handle is much more durable than my last baby food maker and the entire unit feels much more stable on my counter top. I have loved this baby food maker and can see myself using it as a regular processor even when my little ones are long past baby food.

Dallas, TX

Makes Small Batches And Uses Distilled Water


I made babyfood for all three of my kids so I basically tried every babyfood-making device on the market before figuring out what worked for my family. The Kalorik Baby Gourmet Food Maker in 1 Steam Cooker is a very simple device. It really has only two setting: Steam and Puree. Besides cooking veggies, the steam setting can also be used to defrost food and sterilize baby items, which is good in theory but it's a little small to fit anything of significance. I could probably thaw a single jar of babyfood or sterilize a couple pacifiers if I had wanted to, but that's about it. As far as function goes, it worked just fine if you only needed to steam and puree something small (like a single sweet potato) and prefer to make small batches of baby food. I wish I didn't have to get the hot steam cup out, insert the blade and dump the steamed veggies back in before it could puree. I managed to burn myself every single time. Another thing to be aware of is that unlike some devices that are similar to rice-makers, this one has an internal steaming mechanism (similar to an iron) so it can only use distilled water in it (again, just like an iron). I found it extremely inconvenient to keep distilled water on hand and realized that I prefer making large-batch babyfood so the Kalorik Baby Gourmet Food Maker in 1 Steam Cooker didn't work for our family.



Kalorik Baby Gourmet Food Maker in 1 Steam Cooker Blue

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