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Kahlua Mudslide

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A great mix!


The Kahlua Mudslide pre-made alcoholic drink is an awesome option if you like coffee flavored liqueur! It's pre-mixed, so it tastes great by itself! I like it with milk or cream. It's also great blended with ice cream in a blender! It has a great coffee and chocolate taste and is awesome in cooking. There are so many uses for it that it's worth every penny. It can be expensive, but to me it's totally worth the price. I recommend this for baking, ice cream, shakes, cocktails, or by itself!




not as good as a hand mixed drink


Kahluha Mudslide is just not as good as a Mudslide you can easily make yourself. This is drinkable, but too sweet and has a different texture than a mudslide ordered at a bar. Yes, I have sampled Mudslides at many bars and restaurants, and this product is inferior. It is worth the extra hassle to buy the ingredients and mix mudslides yourself.


Carolina Beach, NC


Love it!!


I love this drink...my favorite way is blended with ice...throw in a couple chocolate covered espresso beans. Yum! This is an great easy way to whip up a quick beverage for unexpected guests. It is also available almost anywhere that sells alcoholic bevs!


Poplar Bluff, MO


Yummy drink perfect for cold evenings at home with a loved one.


 **Kahlua Mudslide are delicious coffee like drinks to enjoy at home on a cozy night with friends and loved ones. They are easy to make and easy to drink. Not too strong either.  The flavor is bold yet smooth, the aroma is sweet and mouth watering. **


San Jose, CA


Serve this cold drink at your next gathering.


Kahlua Mudslide is a delicious drink. Kahlua is the best tasting brand for mudslides. This ready to pour drink is great on the rocks. Serving it frozen is even better. If you like cold slushy drinks blend this mix with ice. Serve at your next gathering. Everyone is sure to love it.


Colton, CA


It's awesome either way -blended w/ ice cream or on the rocks!


This is a popular drink in our family.  Personally, I love to drink it plain, right out of the bottle, on the rocks.  But at holiday gatherings, my brother-in-law makes a simply decadent "shake" out of it; using rich ice cream, ice, and REAL whipped cream. -Sometimes he'll even add a maraschino cherry for garnish!  Either way, this drink is just Yum-o!!


Madison, WI


When going to a holiday party, this is the perfect gift to share


During the holidays, it seems like it's one party after another! I don't have the time to put together something complicated for all of these events. One thing that I have discovered is always appreciated is something for your sweet tooth that has the added benefit of taking off some of that winter chill. Kahlua Mudslides are wonderfully chocolatey, with that dark undertone of coffee and the warming sensation that starts with your first sip. This creamy drink goes down so easily... no wonder they call it a Mudslide! It's convenient too. I can either grab a big bottle for the office party or grab a 4-pack or two for a more intimate gathering. Bringing Kahlua Mudslides to a party is like bringing a liquid dessert. It's the icing on the cake.


Rothschild, WI


Kahlua Mudslide

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