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44 - Suede-Light Blue
KaWaii One Size Heavy Duty Pocket Diaper

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Kawaii is awesome!


Oh man, I love Kawaii Diapers! My daughter is a super soaker, and these hold all she has to give, even overnight. They wash really well (best in a top loader, though), and since the inserts and pockets are separate they dry faster than ones that are attached. They are cheaper than Bumgenius, so I don't feel bad about throwing them away if they get really funky.

Brunswick, ME


Kawaii is a great diaper for the price


I have three kids in diapers- infant twins and a toddler. I use these diapers on all three. I've tried a lot of different products, most of them the bigger, more well known brand names in cloth, but Kawaii One Size Heavy Duty Pocket Diapers are just about equal to the more expensive diapers! I recently purchased two more of these because I like them so much. Pros: Soft liner, absorbent insert (the diaper comes with two full-sized inserts), extremely sturdy waterproof exterior, great price! Cons: A Kawaii is the ONLY diaper I've ever had a snap break on. It was a rise snap and it just cracked. I've also had some issues with the velcro tabs' seams coming out on my Kawaii with velcro.

Sherwood, OR


Great for newborns/infants


This diaper is a great pocket diaper for newborns. The leg elastic is super tight so its not great for those chunky thighs of bigger babies, but it hold in the mess of breast milk poo! This will be my one and only stash for our next newborn baby. I recommend this diaper to all my friends having babies. I love thie fit, the style, the prints. Everything. There is nothing to hate about this diaper, even washing it is a sinch.

Bradenton, FL


Never thought I would LOVE a diaper!


When I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I was doing a lot of debating on whether to cloth diaper or not. Having a 26 or so month age gap between them, but having them BOTH in diapers, I was unsure of which route to take. I researched cloth diapers up and down. I initially had thought about buy a lot of 24 of the brand name diapers, but the cost was so high, I was having a hard time justifying the initial expense. Of course, with two in diapers, I wanted to make sure it would financially be worth whatever I was going to spend on cloth. The longer I searched, I would come along to something less expensive. Reviews weren't great on many of them. When I found Kawaii Baby diapers though, I found a forum about these diapers specifically and read through 103 pages to see what people were saying about them. Most everything was positive, so I splurged and bought FOURTY of them. Their customer service is speedy and fairly easy to communicate with. They gave me a special price because of the quantity that I bought. I ordered the ultra soft crossover one size snap diapers. They come with two inserts each, which is awesome. They have been used on my 2 boys now for 6 months for the baby (since birth) and about 9 months for my older son. They have held up really well for us considering their use. I have gotten at least 4 friends to order these diapers as well for their babies. They seem to wash up really well with my method of washing, they fit my boys both well. I still use disposable diapers at night because they do hold more urine and I really don't want to wake up to 1 (or 2) wet boys or to have to change them mid-night. For normal urination kids (my 1 son uses a feeding tube, so hehas a lot more urine than most at night), I think these would be an excellent option if you are looking to be environmentally and financially cautious! :)

West Palm Beach, FL


Kawaii OS Pocket Diapers are the best value out there!


When I found out I was pregnant with our second child we knew we would cloth diaper him just as we had our first. The only difference was I wanted something other than the prefolds I'd used on our older son. I found these diapers on diaperswappers and bought one to try, I instantly fell in love. As soon as possible I ordered diapers in a lot of 10 for our son and 10 more for my best friend who was pregnant as well. We have been using these almost exclusively for over a year now and they still look BRAND NEW! The elastic has held up perfectly and the velcro isn't even pilly yet. These are hands down the best value in cloth diapers you can buy. They fit our son by the time he was about 10lbs and he's only on the medium setting now at 14 months old. They've gone through heavy use and are holding up exceptionally. I can't recommend them enough and I do at every chance I get. If you're on a budget adn you need quality diapers they're exactly what you're looking for!

Federal Way, WA


KaWaii One Size Heavy Duty Pocket Diaper

4.8 5