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KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant

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Very Sticky


When we were first married, we began using KY personal lubricant because it was recommended as the common brand that was well-liked. But after using it for several months, we found that we did not like it. On the positive side, it does do a pretty good job of actually lubricating. It reduces friction and increases comfort. But on the negative side, it is very sticky. It leaves the hands sticky, even if you quickly wipe them on a towel. It also leaves the skin where it is applied feeling sticky and dirty. Even after use, it feels like it needs a shower to remove the gross feeling. One other major downside is that the bottles leaked pretty badly. Even if we put it in its own bag when traveling, the outside of the bottle and inside of the bag would be all wet and sticky when we pulled it out. We switched to Astroglide and have been much happier. I would not recommend KY lubricant for anyone.




KY Personal Lubricant helps as you get older.


My body has functioned well over the years, but now when I want to use a feminine douche, I find that the area is too dry, and they are almost impossible to use. I like to be fresh, so I wondered what I could do. I have used feminine gels in the past, so bought the KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant. Before using the flip top bottle, you need to remove the seal. Then press down, and out comes a clear, slightly runny gel. It has no smell to it. I use it in my intimate area, and then am able to insert my disposable douche. I am left cleaning clean, no dryness, or bleeding. I use the smallest amount so the 1.5 fluid ounce bottle will go a long way. I am really pleased that I found it.


New Port Richey, FL


KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant

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