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KRUPS Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Combination

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This coffee maker was a gift and I've loved it ever since. I recommend it for anyone considering this coffee maker to add to their own home or as a gift, like mine was. Brew Performance It brews quickly and deliciously. Coffee never tastes burnt, always the best and all in the pleasure of my own home. Perfect for quick and on the go, wont keep you waiting all day for that morning coffee. Ease of Cleaning Pretty simple to clean. Even easier to clean if you're not creating unnecessary mess. Rinse easy with water or get a sponge and dish soap. Cleans perfectly fine in a dishwasher as well. Ease of Use This coffee maker is very easy to use. If directions need looking at, they are clear and simple. More than likely that wont be needed. Design I think the design is simple but not cheap. It looks great in my home along with all of the other black appliances. Durability I trust this brand and I have had no issues so far. You definitely get what you pay for. Hoping it stays that way!



Not a good espresso machine


I received this Krups coffee and espresso machine as a gift and was not impressed with it at all. I had been longing for an espresso machine, but got this combination machine as a gift instead. It brewed a very nice pot of coffee, nothing too amazing. The espresso making side of the machine though, never made an espresso quite strong enough for my liking. No matter how many grinds I put in it, the espresso just never came out strong and dark and seemed too watery. The milk frother was even worse. It barely had enough steam in it every time to properly froth the milk for lattes. Basically, it just made a very weak and limp latte very time I tried making one. I ended up just using it as a coffee maker, which was a bit annoying because of its large size that took up a lot of counter space. It ended up being an unimpressive, clunky machine for me that I did not keep for very long.



KRUPS Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Combination

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