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KRK Rokit 6 Speaker

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Affordable Studio Monitors a cut above the rest


These studio monitors impressed me when I went to my local Guitar Center to try them out. I have been producing music for 4 years now, and I can tell when a speaker is built well. I upgraded to the KRK Rokit8 G2 because I wanted more bass, but these are perfect for entry level producers that want just a little more than a 5" sub. There is a noticeable difference between the 5 and the 6. The speaker is very flat, which is preferable for a studio monitor. It is also a good choice for those that are hearing challenged, as you can adjust the high frequency level directly on the speaker. Compatibility You can connect with RCA, TRS, or XLR. These are the major options for connection.



KRK Rokit 6 Speaker

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