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KMS Turnstylr Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray

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Love this product! Look like you just stepped off the beach!


This product is great and lives up to its word. You can look like you just stepped off the beach daily! Gives hair great texture if you want to use a curling iron, or scrunch and dry and you have beach waves! It is so simple to use. Just wash hair, towel dry until it is a damp, spray away, and blow dry. I use my hands to scrunch my hair as I am drying to create the waves look. It's like having the ocean in a bottle!



Doesnt work


This salt spray is very bad. I used it on my hair after i washed it and to activate the product you're supposed to scrunch it and then blow dry it to set it. I scrunched it and my hair kept getting tangled, I had many knots in my hair. i detangled most of the knots and then i blow dried my hair. There were barely any waves in my hair and the texture of my hair was like i poured a whole bottle of hairspray on it. it was sticky and really heavy. So then i tried it on my dry hair and did everything the same except blow drying it. There were more waves but i had to use hairspray to hold it in, or else the waves would be gone in like 1 hour. I can't believe it cost me a lot for a something that wasnt even good. I returned it and got my money back. I'm glad I did that because my friend recommended me another sea salt spray called Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Spray. The only good thing about the spray was the smell.



best product for thin flat hair, gives body volume and texture


I love this product it does what you say it does it makes your hair dirty and kind of stiff but you need to brush it it makes it thick and gives it texture it does take away the silkiness of your hair and it takes away the shine but for people like me who have really straight flat thin hair, its the perfect product i wear it when my hair is dry and im goin out and i want volume and body so i spray it on the roots and blowdry it and then brush it out and i can style it, its very manageble and it stays put without being stiff it does dull out your hair a little but when you put hairspray on it looks perfectly fine or if your just wearing your hair down after you style and brush it, just spray on a shine spray or a glossing spray that doesnt leave your hair looking oily and your hair ends up looking thick healthy clean and shiny.

Montclair, CA


I love the beach, sand, and salt - but not in my hair!


***Quick View:*** I thought beachy hair would look summery and sexy. It just looks dirty. ***KMS Turnstylr Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray*** Have you ever gone to the beach and come home and your hair was all a mess from the sand and salt? It felt hard and stiff and looked crazy and you had to wash it to make it look nice again? Well, now you don't even have to go to the beach for your hair to look and feel that way! **KMS Turnstylr Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray** does it for you. But WHY? I bought this on a whim because I have long, straight hair and wanted texture. This is essentially salt water and, when sprayed on the hair, makes it stiff and beachy. Which is OK if I am the beach but it makes my hair look unkempt and dirty. I use the spray on damp hair then either air dry or blow dry. Either way, my hair looks unwashed and stiff and feels sticky. I like clean hair. I never was one of those people who liked the dirty hair/grunge look so maybe that is why I didn't like this product. It is supposed to make your hair look beached out and windblown but all I see is hair that needs to be washed! The product does give my hair some texture but no real style. Just crunchy hair that looks like I neglected to wash it for a few days. It isn't greasy but it is messy and stiff. I think I will stick with real beach hair when I go to the beach and clean hair when I don't. You may love the messed up, tousled, salty/sandy look but I guess my love of clean, shiny hair keeps me from appreciating beach hair. ***My Viewpoint*** This product does what it says. It makes your hair look like you just spent the day at the beach and your hair is filled with sand and salt. It makes clean hair look messy and tousled and a bit stiff. If used sparingly, you can get some texture. If used heavily, you can get a head-full of messy, piecey, sticky hair. Ugh. But I signed up for that when I bought **KMS Turnstylr Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray.** I give it ***3 stars***. I didn't like it at all but it wasn't truly the fault of the product. I just didn't like the way it felt and looked. I recommend it to you if you want that look, however.

The heart of , NY


KMS Turnstylr Sea Salt Beach Hair Spray

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