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Kiwi Leather Cuir Premiere Shine Wax Formula

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My husband uses the canned wax leather shoe polish.  I have always been a liquid polish girl.  I recently discovered, however, that my red shoes needed polishing with no red polish in site.  I decided I would try the **KIWI Leather Cuir Premiere Shine Ultra-Brilliant Premium Wax Formula **in neutral. I wasn't sure how the neural shine would work on the red, especially where a few tiny scuff marks had worn the red color away.  I shouldn't have worried too much though.  Even though there was no way this polish could recover the color, it did a remarkable job in making it less obvious. The plastic container has a top that pops off to reveal a sponge applicator.  In the middle of the sponge there is a definite hole where the polish feeds out onto the sponge.  I found the polish to come out easier [and with less mess] if I dabbed the polish onto the shoe instead of pressing it against the shoe until it started to run. Once the polish had dried, I didn't find it necessary to buff it out, but for "hee-haws" I used a horsehair brush to see if it made a difference.  Whether it was in my mind or if reality was there I don't know, but I do think it shined it up a notch or two. The polish comes in a 2.5 fl ounce container.  That should be enough to last a bit.  There are many color choices as well [red not being one of them] to choose from.  I saw Black, Brown, Cordovan, Navy Blue, White as well as my Clear color choice at the store. **Bottom Line:** I will buy this product again.  It is easy to use and a quick fix for shoes that need a bit of refurbishing.****

Northern, FL


Kiwi Leather Cuir Premiere Shine Wax Formula

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