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KIDZ CAM Digital Camera

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My nephew had a childrens digital camera but it finally ended up breaking so I started looking for a replacement. I purchased a KIDZ CAM Digital Camera off of amazon because of the low price and all the colors I could choose from. I got what I paid for. This is a fairly useless digital camera, even for a young child! There is no display screen and the buttons on the back are hard to remember what they are actually for. The quality of the pictures is unbelievably awful. We uploaded the pictures onto my laptop and much to my nephews disappointment none of the pictures were worth keeping. They were extremely blurry and/or pixelated. Do not buy this camera for your youngster. It is a disappointing product. Image Quality We had no reason to keep any of the pictures due to the poor image quality. Performance Awful performance. Ease of Use The software is difficult to use. The buttons on the camera are hard to memorize. They are not marked clearly so you have to guess unless you have the manual handy, which is just annoying. Durability We tossed the camera in the trash after the first few uses.



It only looks nice


I don't like to be negative but I have to say this camera is pretty much worthless in my opinion. I am glad it was not a Christmas gift because it would have been a complete disappointment. It at the very least is a durable camera for kids - that is the only positive I can see. As far as taking pictures goes, it's difficult to tell if it took a picture at all. Also, it has no display to see the images and the software disc is simply awful. Trying to get the disc to work and install can take hours. If you do get it to install at all and can upload images, well that's something else entirely. The images are very low resolution and even the savviest of photo fanatics will ultimately fail to produce a single decent image. It claims to work as a webcam but that is quite a disappointment too. After the whole fiasco I had to pay to get the program uninstalled entirely because it caused some issues with the computer itself. I can not recommend it to anyone ever. Performance Awful, cloudy, low pixels, lighting doesn't matter.



Sakar Kidz Cam doesn't work.


My sons love taking pictures with my camera so I decided to get them one of their own so that my camera would remain in good condition.  I had been looking at the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Camera, but this one seemed to have almost identical features at only a fraction of the price.  So I bought them the Sakar Kidz Cam. Once we took it out of the packaging I was a little dissapointed that it did not have a veiwing screen.  It does have a screen in back, but all of the settings are abbreviated down to two letters.  And if you loose the instruction manual there will be no way to dechiper them. My kids were very excited to get their own camera and ran around taking a bunch of pictures.  After I installed the software for the camera onto my computer, we hooked the camera up so they could see the pictures they had taken.  Boy were we dissapointed!  They were all so blurry that we couldn't tell what anything actually was.  And, yes, they stood still while taking the pictures.  Even better, as soon as we turned the thing off, all the pictured dissapeared. The vedict?  Save your money and buy something better!

Sheridan, WY


KIDZ CAM Digital Camera

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