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Candy, fat free
Just Born
Just Born - Jelly Beans, Original Fruit Flavored

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Cute idea!


Just Born jelly beans is a cute marketing idea for Easter baskets, especially to go along with peeps. The flavors are strong (especially licorice), and they are a great choice of jelly bean. My only issue is the sugar content. It feels grainy to eat the jelly beans, like it is full of granulated sugar, and that bothers me.



Just Born Jelly Beans are full of flavor!


Every year when spring comes around I always look for Just Born Jelly Beans. "Packed with flavor for a yummy experience!" Is their mantra for this product and it really fits. These beans do have a yummy flavor! The Just Born Company also makes the famous marshmellow peeps, the Mike and Ike candies, bags of Spice and Licorice flavored jelly beans, and my other favorite; Hot Tamales! I like their original Jelly Beans in particular because they aren't waxy and tasteless or too sweet with no flavor like some budjet brands that you see everywhere around this time of year. Just Born Jelly Beans have a plesantly sweet, fruity flavor and one 10oz bag has eight flavors/colors of beans; orange (orange), grape (purple), cherry (red), pineapple (white), strawberry (pink), lemon  (yellow), lime (green), and licorice (black.) They are a big hit where I buy them and I see people picking up four or five bags at a time since everyone loves the flavor and the first couple of bags never seem to make it to the Easter Basket or the egg roll. Twenty three pieces have 140 calories but I see it as a necessarry calorie sacrifice. And they are fat free, whoo hoo. Although I do have to hide the bag from myself from time to time to avoid a binge fest on a bad day. They are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Outstanding candy!

Myrtle Beach, SC


Just Born - Jelly Beans, Original Fruit Flavored

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