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Juniper Bank - Visa

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Juniper Bank is Impossible to Work With


I did not start out with Juniper Bank; I had a mileage card for an airline that went under last year.  So I lost my miles and got switched to a bank I've never heard of before. While my credit score is not great because of some identity theft I'm trying to take care of, I do make my credit card payments on time...under normal circumstances (I'll get to that).  However, one of the first things Juniper did after taking over my account was jack up my interest rate to over 23%. Then, the strongly encouraged me to sign up for paperless statements, and they would send a reminder each month for the statement and payment due date.  I signed up, because it seemed like a small thing I could do for the environment. This worked well until two months ago, when I didn't get an email for the statement availabilty or the payment reminder.  I was paying other bills and realized I didn't remember seeing this statement, so I logged on and discovered my payment was about five days late and I had already been assessed a $39 late payment fee.  Oops!  So I sent an email detailing the situation and asked that as a courtesty they remove the fee.  I got an email back stating the late payment fee policy.  Period.  So I emailed *back* and said that I understand the policy, that I'm just asking for a courtesy waiver, and once again I got an email back quoting their terms and conditions.  This went on for about a week, and at one point, they even pointed out the fact that in the meantime I had made my payment and this was somehow proving their point that the payment was intentionally made late.  I had been a good customer for a year, and had been with the previous company for several years before that and had never made a late payment.  This didn't seem to matter to them, and when I finally told them if they weren't going to refund the fee then they should just close my account, THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT.  I was stunned that a good customer was worth less than $39 to them, but I'm happy to be rid of them.

Tustin, CA


Juniper Bank - Visa

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